25 DIY Ideas To Repurpose Old Denim Jeans

Got an old pair of denims that you just can’t bear to throw out? Maybe you have a pair that still fit perfectly but need some revamping. Luckily for you, there are a number of ways you can repurpose your old jeans and turn them into something useful. Here are 25 creative DIY ideas to create something new from old jeans:

  1. Bleach-dipped jeans – If you have a pair of jeans that still fit yet you find boring, this is the right DIY idea for you. All you need to do is dip a few inches of your jeans in watered down bleach for a few hours until you get the desired effect. You can either wear them like this or draw some prints with a permanent marker on the bleached area after you’ve washed and dried it.bleach dipped jeans

    Source: Minted Strawberry
  2. Denim snack bag – Cut off the leg of your old jeans and turn it into a stylish snack bag for yourself or your kids. Attach a belt along the length of the bag and you’re good to go.
    Denim snack bag
    Source: Between the Lines
  3. Denim pencil can – Need a good place to keep your pencils and markers? This craft allows you to make good use of your old denims and create a cute new pencil holder for better organization. All you need to do is cut some piece of denim and glue it to an empty can. You can then cut out some letters or shapes from pattered fabric to decorate the pencil can.
    Denim pencil can
    Source: Crafts by Amanda
  4. Baggy jeans to skinny jeans – If you own a pair of loose jeans that are still wearable, try upcycling it into skinny jeans. You can use a pair of well-fitting skinny jeans as a template and draw the outline using a marker. Use the outline as a reference to pin the jeans together and then try them on to see how well they fit. Make adjustments as you require, cut off the excess fabric, and then stitch it up using a sewing machine.Baggy jeans to skinny jeans
    Source: Commatose
  5. Denim gym bag – Recycle your old denims and create a fashionable duffel bag out of it. You can stitch together pieces of your old jeans and add zippers and handles. Maybe you could use it to carry your gym clothes or use it as an overnight bag for a weekend getaway.Denim gym bag
    Source: All Day Chic
  6. Denim baby bibs – Mothers will have a field time with this cute little project. A denim bib for your baby is perfect because it’s sturdy, washable, and non-gender-specific. It can be passed down from one sibling to the other. You just have to cut the old jeans into the shape of a bib, stitch a piece of fabric towards the back, and voila! You can add some embellishments like a cute little pocket or some flowers and stars using other parts of the jeans or with printed fabric.Denim baby bibs
    Source: A Maiden Hair Fern
  7. Denim bookmark – If you’re a bookworm, get ready to create cute little bookmarks using some scraps of denim. You can cut the scrap into a shape of your choice such as a heart. Cut out a similar shape and simply stitch the bottom parts together so as to stick the edge of a page between the two shapes.denim bookmark
    Source: The Cheese Thief
  8. Denim pouch – Need a place to keep your change or some old coins? Turn the leg of your old denims into a cute little pouch using this easy DIY tip. All you need to do is cut off around 25cms of the leg, turn it inside out, and stitch the opening (on the cut side) together. Turn it back out, add an elastic at the center of the opening, and then sew on a button using the elastic as a reference. You can paint some design or pattern using fabric paint as you wish.Denim pouch
    Source: Jessica Rebelo
  9. Denim pouf – You can use different colors of denim scraps to create something useful such as a pouf. Try to recycle unused cushion or fabrics for the stuffing.Denim pouf
    Source: Michele Made Me
  10. Denim picnic quilt – Create something useful out of denims that are beyond repair. This project takes some time and dedication but the result is beautiful. What you need to do is to cut out 6-inch squares out of the denims and some printed fabric. The number of squares you have to cut out depends on the size of quilt you want. You can then piece together these squares and then bind the quilt together for a beautiful picnic quilt.Denim picnic quilt
    Source: Cutesy Crafts
  11. Denim corset – A corset made out of recycled denims is the perfect DIY for those of you who love making their own costumes. While this project requires significant stitching, the end result makes it entirely worth it. Maybe you could get inspired by a Victorian-style corset to create your own Victorian outfit or a pirate Halloween costume.
    Denim corset
    Source: Cut Out and Keep
  12. Palm tree print jeans – Get ready for the summer with this stylish palm tree print jeans DIY project. Just grab a bleach pen and start drawing your palm trees onto the jeans. Make sure you place tin foil inside so that the bleach doesn’t run through. Once you’re done, let it sit for a few hours and then wash it off. You can also experiment with other prints.|Palm tree print jeansSource: Goldfish Kiss


  13. Tiny denim purse – If you’re not so fond of stitching, this project is perfect for you. All you need to do is cut away the coin purse section of your old jeans. Poke two holes just underneath the waist section and thread some cord through these holes. If you fold the waistband down, you get your flap. You can add some embellishments as your wish.
    Tiny denim purse
    Source: Michlinla
  14. Denim aprons – Create cute and useful aprons out of your denim pant legs. These aprons can be perfect for your kids and you can add some embellishments as you wish.denim aprons
    Source: Happy Hooligans
  15. Denim cocktail napkins – Cut several pieces out of your old jeans into 6-inch squares. Sew the edges and cut off the extra cloth so that the squares come up to around 5 inches. You now have your cocktail napkins. For some design, you can use stencil and spray some bleach onto the denim to create beautiful patterns.denim cocktail napkins
    Source: Brit.co
  16. Bejeweled denim bracelets – Cut off the seams of your old jeans and sew on a strand on rhinestone beads along the length. You can attach a lobster clutch to hold the bracelet together. You can also make another bracelet by sewing on some lace to the seam and then create flower embellishments using seed beads and circles of denim and lace.bejeweled denim bracelets
    Source: Dragonflys and Stars
  17. Morse code bracelet – Another way to create a bracelet out of old denims is by cutting the inseam of the old jeans. You can attach a clasp using ribbon crimps and jump rings. Use fabric paint of your choice to paint the morse code onto the bracelet and then outline it with a black fabric paint pen or a sharpie.Morse code bracelet
    Source: Michlinla
  18. Denim napkins – Add a bohemian touch to your tabletop by turning your old jeans into dinner napkins. Use your old cloth napkins to get the sizing right and cut out a large rectangle from the old jeans. Sew the frayed edges to finish it off.

    Source: Your Pocket Stylist

  19. Denim hair bows – You can create cute hair bows out of denim scraps that can’t be used for anything else. Just cut out rectangles from the scrap and fold the two ends into the center with the right side in. Sew along each side and you’ll have a tiny square. Turn the right side out, pinch it in the middle to create a bow shape, and then stitch the center together. You can glue on a bobby pin or hair clip and then add embellishments of your choice such as decorative pearls and rhinestones.denim hair bowsSource: Salute to Cute
  20. Denim fabric basket – Turn your unused jeans into something useful such as a fabric basket to organize your sewing kit. The project basically requires you to stitch together a piece of jeans into a basket shape and use printed fabric as a lining.

    denim fabric basket
    Source: Threading My Way
  21. Denim slippers – You can even turn your old jeans into cute slippers that can be worn around the house. Maybe add some ribbons or floral embellishments according to your wish.Denim slippers
    Source: The Guardian
  22. Denim wine bag – Cut off the legs of your old jeans and sew the cut end together to create a bag. You can use a string embellished with DIY flowers to tie the open end and use this as a wine bag.Denim wine bag
    Source: My Soulful Home
  23. Floral denim necklace – Roll up a piece of denim into a cylindrical shape and then cut off ¼ inch pieces out of the tube. Join these pieces together in the form of a flower on a small piece of denim and a ribbon. Add some decorative pearls and you have a fancy denim necklace.floral denim necklace
    Source: Sprinkle Some Fun
  24. Denim journal cover – Glue on a piece of denim onto a chipboard and add some patterned paper inside to make a stylish denim journal cover. You can add embellishments like flowers and lace as you desire.Denim journal cover
    Source: Life Made Creations
  25. Jeans bunting – Celebrating an event anytime soon? Create a bunting out of your old denims by cutting triangles out of them. You can then glue on printed fabric cut in the shape of letters or use stencil to bleach out the letters. Join the triangular pieces together on to a string or ribbon and you’re good to go.jeans bunting
    Source: Sprinkle Some Fun

There you have it. 25 creative ideas on how you can create something useful and/or beautiful out of old jeans. Next time you find an old pair that is too badly damaged or ill-fitting; think twice about throwing them away.