40 DIY Bath Bombs


How do you like to relax? If you are a DIY-er, this is going to make you smile! Because giving yourself or people you care about – a little “me time” has just become so much easier. Today we bring you 40 terrific DIY bath bomb recipes.

Beginners will be pleased to discover they can make most of these and get great results. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to ingredients – be sure to check what is in any of the bath bombs before you create them. This actually is one of the huge benefits to DIY-ing your own – is that you have 100% control over what goes into your bath bombs.

Bath bombs typically have ingredients that help to soothe and pamper your skin. Such as oatmeal, cocoa butter and coconut. Especially if you have dry or sensitive skin, we think you’ll likely become a huge fan of the bath bombs! They are ideal to use in every season – from spring through summer and fall and then winter too. We have DIY recipes here for every season in the calendar.

This is often a budget-friendly craft and bath bombs look so cute! They make great bridesmaids or teacher thank you gifts. This is also a fun DIY project for teens to do at a party or with friends.


We know parents and grandparents will be pleased to see some DIY bath bombs here especially for kids. Some of them have a little toy inside – keep in mind that for very young kids, this could be a choking hazard, so use your best judgment.


Most likely, once you have done 1 of these great DIY bath bomb projects, you will want to do another & another! They make terrific gifts – whether for a birthday, holiday or “just because” you want to see someone smile.

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!

Make Your Own Bath Bombs Lush Inspired

Are you a Lush fan? Try these great DIY bath bombs!

From MuffinChannel

Mermaid Tears Bath Bomb

Look at how colorful these are! Such great bath bombs.

From Etsy.com by MadBearBeauty 

DIY Peony Bath Bombs

Love flowers? Here are fragrant bath bombs to DIY.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess 

Obsidian Black Bath Bomb

Want a unique bath bomb? Try this one.

From Etsy.com by ArizonaBlueCo

Easy DIY Bath Bombs

New to making bath bombs? Try this DIY.

From AmyMarcelliBlog

DIY Bath Bombs without Citric Acid, Easy Recipe

Want to make bath bombs without citric acid? Try these.

From NaturallyHandcrafted

Fairytale Mermaid Gift Bath Bomb

Aren’t these fun? Great bath bombs to enjoy.

From Etsy.com by SunbasilgardenSoap

DIY Panda Bath Bombs

Aren’t these cute? DIY panda bath bombs.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess 

Oceanic Bath bomb

Love the ocean? Try this great bath bomb.

From Etsy.com by BoxwoodAndRose

Tie-Dye Bath Bombs

Are you a huge tie-dye fan? Then these bath bombs are for you!

From SoapQueen

Orange lavender bath bomb

Love essential oils? This is the bath bomb to look at.

From Etsy.com by DreamMakerBathCo

Easy Homemade Bath Bombs, DIY Oatmeal Bath Bombs

What could be more indulgent that bathing in oatmeal and coconut? This is a bath bomb that is great for your skin.

From NaturallyHandcrafted

Tulip Flower Bath Bombs

These are the perfect gift. Lovely flower bath bombs.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

DIY Bath Bombs WITHOUT citric acid or cream of tartar

Want to make great bath bombs but with no citric acid? Try these.

From TheMakeupDummy 

DIY Bath bombs with cream of tartar

Want a bath bomb that treats your skin great? Try this one.

From TheMakeupDummy

DIY Amethyst Bath Bombs

Love gemstones? Try these stunning bath bombs.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

Dragon Egg Bath Bomb

Want a bath bomb with a toy inside? Great for kids!

From Etsy.com by BatheInParadise

Matcha Green Tea Bath Bombs Recipe

Isn’t green tea soothing? Now you can make it into a bath bomb.

From MomFoodie


Love cupcakes? Here’s one you can bathe with!


From ThisGrandmaIsFun 

Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb DIY

Spring is cherry blossom time. Celebrate it with these lovely bath bombs.

From SoapQueen

Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs

Aren’t cherry blossoms sweet? Try these bath bombs.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

DIY Golden Egg Bath Bombs

These are perfect for Easter or Spring. Try this fun DIY.

From TheMakeupDummy

Fizzy Bath Bomb Cupcakes for a Spa Day

Want to make fun bath bombs? Try these cute cupcakes, they are really sweet!

From MakeAndTakes

Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

Mermaid fan? Try this fun DIY.

From TotallyTheBomb

Painted Rose Bath Bomb DIY

Aren’t these pretty? Rose bath bombs!

From SoapQueen

DIY Hidden Rainbow Bath Bomb + review liquid soap dye

Here is a cute St.Patrick’s themed bath bomb. If you love rainbows try this one!

From TheMakeupDummy 

Homemade Rainbow Bath Bombs for Kids with Toys Inside

Want to make bath bombs for kids? Try this DIY.

From SweetMakesThree 

DIY Baby’s Breath Bath Bombs

Love flowers? DIY these bath bombs.

From SoapQueen

Unicorn Bath Bomb

Bright, colorful and fun! Try this bath bomb.

From Etsy.com by SunbasilgardenSoap

DIY Gingerbread House Bath Bombs

Want a great bath bomb for Christmas? Try this one!

From TheMakeupDummy

DIY Cupcake Bath Bombs

Aren’t these bright and fun? Try DIY-ing these cupcake bath bombs.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess


Love mermaids? Make these, they have a bit of shimmer in them.

From SouthernMomLoves

DIY Cocoa Butter Bath Bombs

Cocoa butter makes your skin so soft. These are terrific bath bombs to DIY!

From SoapQueen

Green Tea Bath Bombs

Love green tea? Make these bath bombs.

From PurelyKatie 

DIY Bath Bombs with Epsom Salts

Want a soothing bath bomb? This one has Epsom salts in it!

From TheMakeupDummy

Make Your Own Star Bath Bombs

Here’s a fun bath bomb. They’re star shaped!

From TotallyTheBomb


Are you a mermaid fan? DIY these great bath bombs.

From BeautyCrafter

Homemade Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Are you or do you have a kid who is a dino fan? Then you’ve got to make these bath bombs.

From TotallyTheBomb 

Sleepy Time Bath Bombs

Want to get ready for bedtime? DIY these bath bombs.

From TotallyTheBomb

DIY Mermaid Bath Bomb Popsicles with sparkle dip

Love bath bombs? Here is a special and sparkly one to make!

From TheMakeupDummy