40 DIY Bird and Wildlife Feeders


Do you like birds? A great DIY to try next is making bird and wildlife feeders. This is a fun way to enjoy nature, right outside your back or front door!

We’ve found you 40 terrific projects, ideal for adults and kids to try. Some kids could even do on their own, with a little supervision. There are great bird and wildlife feeders here that are perfect for teacher Thank You gifts or housewarming gifts, or even winter holiday gifts too.

Remember if you choose to make bird and wildlife feeders, you’ll want to be up to date and aware of what type of birds and wildlife are in your area. Ask your local Audobon Society if you are not sure. Some birds – like the hummingbird for example – need a very specific type of feeder to sustain and keep them happy. So if you want to see these birds, then do make that extra effort to build that certain type of feeder, you’ll be so glad you did!


Bird and wildlife feeders are a fun first woodworking project too, whether you are an adult or a child. Because in part, these are smaller projects. So you can finish them in a couple of hours or a weekend’s time and be happy you’ve got a completed project and see results (birds at the feeder!) from your hard work efforts!


We’ve found projects ideal for both beginners and more advanced DIY-ers, so there is something here for everyone. Do this DIY and keep your backyard wildlife and birds happy! Happy DIY-ing!

Bird Feeders

Here is a simple bird feeder to make. These are cute and even kids can DIY these too.

From eighteen25

Fruity Bird Feeder

Some birds love fruit. This feeder will attract them.

From Instructables

DIY Bird Feeder

Here is a simple bird feeder that adults or kids can make. Its eco-friendly too.

From ErinsCreative

Butterfly Feeding Tutorial with Feeding Big

Love butterflies? Make this feeder.

From FeedingBig

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Want to make a feeder the birds will entirely enjoy? Birds can eat this inside & out!

From Instructables

Rustic Birdhouse

Here is a charming and unique birdhouse. Perfect for a housewarming gift too.

From etsy.com by ruraloriginals

Kids Kit Project $2 Cedar Feeder

Here’s a great bird feeder you can make as a family. The materials cost is only $2!

From Ana-White

Cedar Double Bird House Planter

What’s great about this bird house set is the flowers will attract the birds. Try this DIY!

From Instructables

How to Make a DIY Butterfly Feeder

Want to draw butterflies to your garden? Make this fun feeder.

From BrightNest 

Soda bottle bird feeder

Here is a simple bird feeder you can make. Its eco-friendly too.

From Instructables 

Gourd House and Feeder

Here is an eco-friendly bird house. It also looks so pretty!

From BHG

Self Dosing Bird Feeder

Want a feeder that helps to actually feed the birds? Try this DIY!

From Instructables

Window Birdfeeder

Isn’t this charming? Look at this birdfeeder to put on your window.

From Ana-White

5 Minute Bird Feeder

Here’s an eco-friendly bird feeder you can make. Its one you can do quickly too.

From Instructables

Easy Butterfly Feeder

Do your kids like butterflies? Make this feeder together.

From ReadingConfetti

Porch Swing Bird Feeder

Here is an adorable bird feeder. It looks like a porch swing.

From Instructables

DIY Birdhouse with a Pretty Penny Roof

Charming and old fashioned here is a wood birdhouse. With a penny roof!

From DreamALittleBigger

DIY Fruit and Hummingbird Feeders

Want to attract hummingbirds? These unique birds need special feeders.

From TheGardenRoofCoop

Window Bird Feeder

Here is a classic and charming bird feeder. Try this DIY.

From Instructables 

DIY Birdhouse

This birdhouse costs $3 for the supplies. It also can be made quickly too.


From 100Things2Do

How to Make a Pinecone Bird Feeder

Here is a very classic bird feeder. Give this one a try!

From MomWifeBusyLife

How to Make Butterfly Nectar

Here is a great DIY if you love butterflies. You’ll attract them quickly.

From PremeditatedLeftovers

DIY Chick Feeder

Isn’t this great? A nice sturdy birdfeeder.

From TheGardenRoofCoop

Make Clay Pot Bird Feeders

Clay pot bird feeders are great. You’ll attract a lot of birds.


DIY Sunflower Tower Bird Feeder

Do your birds love sunflower seeds? Try this feeder.

From TheGardenRoofCoop

DIY Bottle Bird Feeder

This is a great way to recycle your bottles. The birds will love them!

From BHG 

DIY Summer Wreath Bird Feeder

Isn’t this lovely? Treat your birds to this wreath feeder.

From TheGardenRoofCoop

Day 60 Cheerio Bird Feeder

Want to make a bird feeder with little ones? Take a look at this cute DIY.

From 366DaysofPinterest

Flowerpot Feeder

Do you have old flowerpots? Make bird feeders out of them!

From TheGardenRoofCoop

Thifty Gifts Bird Seed Ornaments

This is a gift you can make and it keeps giving. The birds will be very happy with these.

From Saltwater-Kids

DIY Winter Wreath Bird Feeder

Doesn’t this look pretty? Perfect for the winter season.

From TheGardenRoofCoop

Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Isn’t this the sweetest bird feeder you’ve seen? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

Valentines Day Birdseed Treat

Be a sweetheart to the birds. Make them a lovely treat to eat.


DIY Bird Feeder

Here is a budget friendly and quick project. For just $4 and in 20 minutes, you can make a bird feeder.

From 100Things2Do

How to Make a Bird Feeder from an Embroidery Hoop

Here is a great bird feeder. It starts with a classic embroidery hoop.


DIY Glass Bottle Bird Feeder

Isn’t this pretty. A very eco-friendly use of glass bottles too.

From TheGardenRoofCoop

DIY Popsicle Bird House

Here is a very cute and classic bird feeder. A great project for kids!

From Babble

Make a Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Here’s a cute bird feeder to make with kids. The birds will love it too.

From Parents

A Fun DIY Birdhouse and Birdbath

Here is a fun craft for kids. A great birdfeeder the birds will love.

From TheChirpingMoms

DIY Bird Feeder in Less Than 3 Minutes

Want to make a quick bird feeder? Try this one.

From 2BeesInAPod