40 DIY Decorated Flower Pots and Planters


Psst! Are you a DIY-er with a green thumb? If so, we’re not surprised. DIY-ers are super handy. Well, we’ve got a terrific project for you today – how to make gardening pots and planters!

One of the best things about this project is that it is 110% beginner friendly. This is a DIY project that you can do with your kids, if they would like to make a special gift for grandparents or a teacher, or anyone else who is special to them. Most of the projects featured here are ones that a beginner can tackle with great confidence, and get terrific results.

This is also a very budget friendly DIY project to try. Most DIY terra cotta pots can be done for $5 or even less than that. Some who make terra cotta pots, like to do a bunch of them all at the same time, so their front porch is coordinated, or they have lots of pots to put their flowers or fresh herbs in. You’ll also be pleased to know that most of these projects will easily “weather” being either outdoors or indoors – and they’ll still look great. The fabric covered pots you can have as outdoor pots if you use decoupage glue that is meant for outdoor use (you can find this at most craft stores, just read the label).

DIY-ing pots and planters is a lovely way to brighten everyone’s day. You can easily customize pots to your home decor or personality. Its also so simple to change them once again, as the terra cotta pots you’ve DIY-ed can be worked on once again most of the time. So this is a terrific project we highly recommend for you.


So let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!


Winnie the Pooh hand painted flower pot

Love Winnie the Pooh? DIY these flower pots.

From Pinterest.com, original pinner unknown

3 Inch Calligraphy Succulent Terra Cotta Pot

Love succulents? Look at this lovely terra cotta pot.

From Etsy.com by littlewingcreates

Painted 6 inch Terra Cotta Chalkboard Flower Pot

Want a pot you can put a sweet message on? Try this chalkboard one.

From Etsy.com by BigfootVinyl 

Mosaic pot

Simply beautiful. Mosaic pots are simple to make but look so lovely.

From Pinterest, saved by lisa lively

Chalkboard Painted Terra Cotta Pot

Do you like to grow herbs or flowers? You’ll always know which is which with this pot.

From Etsy.com by AMasonGrace 

Celestial Terra Cotta Succulent and Houseplant Planter Pot

Love the celestial look? Try this planter.

From Etsy.com by TwoDollarPistil 

Whimsical DIY Fairy House Planter

Love fairies? You’ll want to make this charming planter.

From LifeCreativelyOrganized

DIY Painted Terracotta Pot

Love plants and flowers? Try this DIY.

From TheBeautyDojo

hand lettered terra cotta pot

Love hand lettering? Look at these great pots.

From Etsy.com by BusyBreeDesign 

Cute Little 4″ Terra Cotta Painted Pots with Saucers

Aren’t these inspiring? Great pots.

From Etsy.com from Redoozies

Musical Notes Clay Flower Pot

Love music? Look at this lovely pot.

From Etsy.com by TheWashiPot

How to Mosaic a Terra Cotta Pot

Want to mosaic a pot? This is a great project for beginners.

From RunningWithSisters 

6 Hand Painted Flower Pot

Isn’t this charming? Such a pretty hand painted pot.

From Etsy.com by PaintHausDesign

painted pot

Isn’t this pretty? If you love Gerbera Daisies, this is for you!

From Etsy.com by SunDogArtAndGlass 

Project Teachers Flower Pot

Want to give a teacher a thank you gift? Try this great DIY.

From AWalkInMyFlipFlops

Lemons Terra Cotta Pot

Love the handpainted style? Isn’t this a pretty pot.

From Etsy.com by FennelandSage

Hand lettered planter

So pretty! These pots have hand lettering on them.

From Etsy.com by MGFancyFont 

container hand painted

Wow! Isn’t this stunning?

From Casamea

UP handpainted tiny terra cotta pot

Love the movie UP? Then this pot is especially for you.

From Etsy.com by MashleyCraftCo 


Craft Ideas for Kids: Mothers Day or Teacher Appreciation Gift

Isn’t this sweet? Pots your kids can make, perfect for gift giving.

From KCEdventures

2″ Wizzard Terra Cotta Pot

Like Harry Potter? Look at this great pot!

From Etsy.com by HappyPetalsCo

Valentine’s Day DIY Heart Chalkboard on Reclaimed Wood Planters

Aren’t these sweet? Perfect for succulents or small plants.

From TheSucculentEclectic

Really Cute Little Terra Cotta Pots

Yes! These are really cute terra cotta pots.

From Etsy.com by JunkinWithJoey

Snazzy Painted Planter Pots

Like a contemporary look? Try this DIY.

From RainOnATinRoof

Unicorn Terra Cotta Pots

Love unicorns? Look at this great pot.

From Etsy.com by BrandysCraftBoutique

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift

These lovely pots are the perfect gift. Put Mom’s favorite plant in them.

From InMyOwnStyle

8″ Hand Painted Flower Pot

Love flowers? This hand painted pot is just for you.

From Etsy.com by PaintHausDesign

Personalized Terra Cotta Pot

Want to make your garden special? Look at this personalized pot.

From Etsy.com by UrbanBarnn

Funny Painted Planter Pots

Want to LOL when you see your plants? Try this DIY!

From FindItMakeItLoveIt

Personalized Mini Terra Cotta Planter

Isn’t this sweet? A personalized planter.

From Etsy.com by LoveCityStyles 

DIY Rustic Succulent Pots

Love succulents? DIY these pots for them.

From PinkWhen


Aren’t these pretty? Try DIY-ing these pots.

From PlaceOfMyTaste

DIY Decorated Flower Pots

Want pots to match your home decor? Try this DIY.

From Blog.Lulus

Rope Wrapped Pots

Like the rustic look? Try this great DIY.

From HouseByHoff


Love the ocean? Try making these pretty planters.

From Us.Billabong

DIY Painted Terra Cotta Pots

So pretty! A great DIY project.

From TheLatinaNextDoor

Waiting for Spring

Isn’t this sweet? Try DIY-ing this fun planter.

From Pinterest, uploaded by Charity Garnand

DIY Gold Dipped Plant Pots

Want luxe plant pots? Try this DIY.

From PotteryBarn

DIY Drip Paint Pottery

Want to make fun pots? Here’s a great project for beginners.

From MyCleverNest 

DIY Color Dipped Pots

Want fun looking pots? Try these simple, color dipped ones.

From WitAndWhistle 

My Project

Love herbs? You’ll always know what you’re growing when you DIY pots like these.

From TarynWhiteaker