40 DIY Home Office Ideas

More people than ever before are working from home. Even if you commute to an office, more than likely you have 1 or more days where you have the option to telecommute. Lots of companies also like to offer the ability to work from home if there is inclement weather such as snow or a bad storm, so they can still keep the office open. So whether you have a business out of your home or commute to work, we know that you’re going to see our DIY home office projects!

It is easy to create a fun, stylish home office. Whether you have a generous budget or a shoestring sized one, there are projects here to make your space look much better. Best of all, each time you work, you’ll enjoy a more attractive and well organized work space. Which will more than likely have you working at an even far better, efficient pace than usual!

One of the biggest challenges most face is realizing that they have a limited space for their home office. You’ll be pleased to see many creative uses of smaller space here, to give you lots of inspiration to manage yours too. So you can make the most of your home office.

Happy DIY-ing!

Acrylic Wall Calendar

Every home office needs a great calendar. Here’s one you can DIY.

From JenwoodHouse 

Stenciled File Cabinet

Isn’t this pretty? A lovely DIY file cabinet.

From TwoTwentyOne 

Washi Tape Pencils and Desk Cup

Aren’t these colorful? Perfect for your home office.

From HappinessIsHomemade

Pallet desk

Love pallets? Make a home office desk from one.

From Instructables 

How to Hide Desk Cords

Want under your desk to look tidy? Learn how to hide your computer cords.

From LoveGrowsWild

Dry Erase Boards from Old Frames

Most of us want dry erase boards in our offices. Try this DIY.

From Coupons 

Kate Spade Inspired Storage Boxes

Want to keep your home office tidy? DIY these boxes.

From FirstHomeLoveLife 

Desk Shelf

Do you use a computer? Then DIY this shelf.

From Instructables

Make a Rainbow Table

Wow! It’s the perfect home office desk and so colorful.

From MommyScene

Quick and Easy Home Office Organization

One of the tips to organize your office is to know what you want to keep there. Then choose ways to store items.

From TwoTwentyOne 

Oryx Desk

Isn’t this stunning? A beautiful desk to work on.

From Instructables

Washi Tape Cord Labels

Not sure which cord is for what? Use Washi tape.

From TheChicSite

Building Office Cabinets

In most home offices you’ll want great cabinet space. Try DIY-ing these.

From StudioGreyHouse

IKEA AVSKILD Cork Placement to Pin Board

Does your home business use social media. Make this DIY cork board to figure out your social media calendar.

From infarrantlycreative

Filing System Organization

Doesn’t this look great? Perfect for your home office.

From ABowlFullOfLemons

Mod Podged Desk Drawers

Want a colorful desk? Mod Podge it!

From ModPodgeRocksBlog

Washi Tape Laptop Cover

Here is a simple way to accent your laptop. It will make your home office look pretty.


From WillowTreediyAndRecipes

Dry Erase Board and Desktop Tray

Here is a dry erase board you can easily DIY. It looks so pretty for your home office.

From TwoTwentyOne

Design the Perfect Home Office

Your home office should energize and uplift you. It also needs to inspire you each day.

From CozyLittleHouse

DIY Fabric Decoupaged Office Chair

Want a great looking home office chair? Try this DIY.

From LittleGreenNotebook

Office Pegboard Organization

Want to keep your office organized and running smoothly? Try this pegboard system.

From StudioGreyHouse

Home Office Hacks Hide Your Shredder

Isn’t this pretty? It’s not a basket – it’s your shredder!

From SeeJaneWork

Home Office Organization Tips

Don’t these DIY files look great? A terrific style for your home office.

From CozyLittleHouse 

Two Level Desk DIY

Here’s a great desk for computers. It has 2 levels.

From StudioGreyHouse

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter

Does your home office have too many papers? Here’s a DIY that will help.

From CleanAndScentsible

DIY Crate Bookshelf Tutorial

Need a bookshelf for your home office? Try DIY-ing it with crates.

From TaraMichelleInteriors

Super Easy Succulent Display

Want plants in your home office. Try a simple display like this.

From StudioGrayHouse

Best Ways to Create a Home Office in Small Spaces

Okay, part of the secret is getting a smaller desk! You also really want to be selective about what you put in your home office too.

From CozyLittleHouse

Quick Easy Fix Office Storage

Want your home office to look neat? Try this.

From SeeJaneWork

How to Organize the Home Office

Here’s how to put everything away neatly in your home office. A great DIY.

From CleanAndScentsible

Get Rid of Paper at Home

Isn’t this a great way to DIY your filing cabinet? Perfect for a home office.

From SeeJaneWork

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Have a small office? Here is a great wall organizer.

From DecoratedMantel 

Pretty & Easy Home Office

One of the things that really completes a home office is matching accessories. Then try to have a color scheme too.

From SeeJaneWork

Small Desk Organization Ideas

Have a small desk in your home office? Try organizing it this way.

From CleanAndScentisble

Wall of cork with my memories at my workplace

Are you a graphic designer or a stylist? This board is perfect for your home office.

From BintiHomeBlog

Boho Home Office Inspiration

Like the Boho style? DIY your home office like this.

From SeeJaneWork

DIY Desk Organizer

Keep your desk organized. Your home office will look great.

From ModgePodgeRocksBlog

Unique office supply holders

Want to keep everything tidy on your desk? It could be as easy as this.

Posted by nom-nom-nom at Tumblr 

My Hide Away Printer Project

Everyone wants a home office to look great. Here is what to do with your printer.

From PBJStories

How to Create a DIY Homework Station for Less

While this post says it is for a Homework Station, one can easily see that the desk organization could be for a home office too. Look at the baskets up top!

From ACraftySpoonful