40 DIY Indoor (in-house) Greenhouse Projects

Do you have a green thumb? If so, this DIY is really going to make you smile. We’ve got 40 fun and terrific indoor greenhouse projects, just for you. So no matter what type of weather is outdoors, everything can be in bloom inside your home.

What will really please you is just how easy so many of these DIY projects are. They are also quite budget friendly. We even have indoor greenhouses that you can make for less than $10! So really, nothing stands in your way of getting started with having one of these. Its now time for you to start planning what you’d like to see blooming quite soon.

Some of the most popular things to grow include veggies, fruits, herbs and then plants simply to make your home look lovely. If you grow veggies, fruits or herbs then you can add them to the meals that you serve your family. Or even make gifts to give others with them featured in them! What a lovely and thoughtful gift to give someone.


A lot of gardeners especially like to have an indoor greenhouse so they can start seeds or even seedlings indoors to put in their gardens. This really protects the seeds and tiny tender plants from animals or birds who might eat them, and gives them a chance to grow.

So let’s get started and make an indoor greenhouse. Happy DIY-ing!

Grow Light Shelving for Seed Starting Indoors

A lot of gardeners want to start seeds indoors. This means they can plant little plants instead of seeds.

From GardenTherapy

Indoor Greenhouse for Seedlings

Want your seedlings to grow and grow? Try this DIY greenhouse.

From Instructables


Love carrots? You can grow carrot leaves indoors.


From ProjectFidgityFingers

Build an Indoor Garden Shelf

Want garden fresh salad every day? Build this tall greenhouse indoors.

From GardenTherapy

Everything About Growing Microgreens

Want a compact indoor greenhouse? Try this one.

From BalconyGardenWeb

Regrowing Green Onions Grow Your Scallions Back on Your Windowsill

Love scallions? You can easily grow them indoors.

From Kitchn

Growing Citrus Indoors 5 Helpful Tips

What could be more lovely that oranges or lemons right off your own tree? Now its possible even from indoors.

From ApartmentTherapy

Rolling Cart Succulent Planter

Love succulents? Try this planter.

From BHG

No Budget Windowsill Greenhouse

Want a cheap indoor greenhouse? Try this one for your windowsill.

From Instructables

Indoor Greenhouse with Touch Screen Control

Want a techy DIY indoor greenhouse? Take a look at this one.

From Instructables

How to Grow Fruit Trees Indoors

Want a little lemon tree indoors? Its more possible than you might think!

From BlessMyWeeds

An Eerily Beautiful Indoor Water Garden

Here is a unique way to garden. Water gardening indoors.

From GardenTherapy

EP 29 Hanging Garden

Here is a large indoor herb garden. You can easily grow what you want.

From Homemade-Modern

Thumbelina an Automated Indoor Greenhouse

Techy? Try this fun automated greenhouse.

From Instructables

Portable Indoor Herb Garden

Isn’t this sweet? You can move it to the sunniest spots in your place.

From BHG

DIY Indoors Greenhouse Under 5

Want a budget friendly greenhouse? Try this one.

From Instructables

Recycling Old Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse

Want a vintage style indoor greenhouse? Try this DIY.

From TheCapeCoop

The Indoor LED Auto Greenhouse

Want to use LED lights? Try this greenhouse.

From Instructables

How to Grow Fruits Indoors

Love fresh fruit? You can grow it indoors.

From BHG

DIY Califia Hanging Planter

Want a pretty indoor greenhouse? Try this one.

From CalifiaFarms

Indoor Bloom Box

Want live flowers indoors? Try this greenhouse.

From BHG

Mini Seedling Greenhouse

Want a little greenhouse? Try this one for your home.

From Instructables

The Lazy Ladys Guide to DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Isn’t this lovely? You can have herbs growing indoors.

From PersephoneMagazine

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Love herbs? They are easy to grow indoors with Mason jars.

From BHG

How to Build a Simple Indoor Greenhouse with Your Kids

Want to make a greenhouse with your kids? Look at this DIY.

From TrueValue

Regrow Kitchen Scraps Romaine Lettuce

Want fresh veggies and to save money? You can actually regrow romaine lettuce.

From BackToMyRoots

Window Mounted Hanging Herb Garden

Want to grow herbs? Try this pretty greenhouse!


We Like It Wild Bottle Gardens

Be eco-friendly and use old bottles. Create small greenhouses.

From DesignSponge

Build This Mini Greenhouse

Have a couple of wooden picture frames? You can make a classic Victorian style greenhouse.

From CountryLiving

Mini Greenhouses

Want to grow plants indoors? You need a little greenhouse.

From PrairieCottageRose

DIY Make mini greenhouses from plastic bottles

Want a small greenhouse? Try this DIY.

From EcoInTheCity

How to Build a Flourescent Stand to Start Seeds Indoors

Want to start a lot of seeds for your garden? Create this growing stand.

From TheBloggingFarmer 

Countertop Greenhouse

Want a small greenhouse? Try this one to fit on your counter.

From Instructables

Mini Greenhouse

You can make a mini greenhouse out of simple, inexpensive materials. Look at this one.

From FiveGallonIdeas

DIY Indoor Organic Greenhouse

Want to grow herbs and veggies indoors? Here is a great DIY greenhouse.

From GreenMoxie

Seed Starting 102 Homemade Mini Greenhouses

One of the best reasons to have your own greenhouse indoors, is for seed starting. It really gives tiny plants a chance.

From OurHappyAcres

CD Case Greenhouse

Have old CD cases? Why not make a DIY greenhouse?

From MegaCrafty 

Growing Sunflower Sprouts Indoors

Want to grow sunflower sprouts? Here’s how to do so indoors.

From GardenTherapy

Egg Carton Greenhouse

Greenhouses don’t have to be big. You actually can make one out of an egg carton.

From HazelAndCompany

How to Propagate Herbs

Want to grow herbs indoors? Try this.

From GardenTherapy