40 DIY Lampshade Projects

Do you want to refresh a room in your home? Well, we have a top DIY secret to share with you! The #1 way to do this & save money is to DIY both your pillows and lampshades. Both of these projects are quite budget friendly but also are quickly noticed by anyone who comes into your home. Even if they are there all the time, like an extended family member who lives in the same town, we can share with you that they will see a change in that room.

DIY-ing your lampshades is an easy project. This is something most often you can do in an afternoon’s time or even in a weekend, if you are waiting for paint or glue to try, to go on to the next step. When you create lampshades, this gives any room that lovely, polished “interior decorator look” that so many of us long for. You can take a few cellphone photos of the room, such as the wallpaper, rug, furniture and pillows – and then get fabric or ribbon to create DIY lampshades that compliment the decor so nicely.

One thing we love about this DIY, is that once you’ve created 1 lampshade, you are going to feel quite confident that you can create just about any of them! So even if you’ve never done this project, we really want to encourage you. Many DIY-ers find this to be a fun project. We recommend you begin with one that uses materials you’ve worked with before. Then go and try others that are new to you too!


Let’s make every room in our homes welcoming & beautiful! Happy DIY-ing!

Paint Stir Lamp

Isn’t this charming? Make a lampshade out a paint stirrers.

From SerendipityRefined

Lampshade Scandinavian lamp

Isn’t this pretty. What a lovely pattern.

From Etsy.com by ShadowbrightLamps 

Modern Chic Lampshade

Want a chic lampshade? Try this one.

From BHG

West Elm Inspired Globe Pendant

Like West Elm style? Try this DIY.

From MadInCrafts

DIY Macrame Pendant

This is a vintage craft, macrame. What a stylish DIY.

From BHG

Doily Lamp Tutorial

Isn’t this pretty? A fun DIY too.

From EmmmyLizzzy

DIY Jute Wrapped Light

Isn’t this pretty? A light wrapped in jute.

From TheHandmadeHome


Want a really fancy lampshade? Try this DIY.

From JenneliseRose

DIY Geometric Light Fixture

Like a modern style? Try this lampshade.

From PearlsAndScissors

Beaded Lampshades

How charming? Try this beaded lampshade DIY.

From BHG

DIY Pottery Barn Lamp Shade

Wow! What a beautiful lamp shade.

From JenniferCiani

let there be light

Try this capiz lampshade. A fun DIY.

From SpilledMilky

diy project: fish scale pendant lamp

Want a contemporary lampshade? Try this DIY.

From DesignSponge

DIY Sisal Shade

Love natural fibers? Try this DIY.

From SandAndSisal 

Fringed Halloween Lampshade

Love Halloween? Try this DIY lampshade.

From BHG

DIY Beaded Lamp

Love sparkle? Try this lampshade DIY.

From AbsolutelyLovingMyLife

DIY Easy Embroidery Hoop Pendant

Want a unique lampshade? DIY this one!

From PetalAndPly

Lampshade Embellishment Patterns

Here’s a fun DIY. Add patterns to your lampshades.

From BHG

Beaded Lampshade That I Made

This is a very classic beaded lampshade. Try this DIY.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Robin Cox Peterson

Shedding light on a DIY lampshade

Isn’t this sweet? A very pretty DIY lampshade.

From HeatheredNest

Pretty Jeweled Lampshade

Isn’t this a fun lampshade? Try this DIY.

From BHG

Lampshade DIY

Want to make a fabric covered lampshade? You need this DIY.

From ItsOverFlowing 

Halloween Cat Lights

Love Halloween and cats? DIY this lampshade.

From BHG

DIY Shabby Chic Rosette Lamp Shade

Love roses? Try this lamp DIY.

From JenniferCiani

DIY Lampshade

Love stencils? Try DIY-ing this lampshade.

From HomeStoriesAToZ

Lampshade Makeover That Doesn’t Look Like Crap

New to DIY-ing lampshades? Check out this tutoring to make one.

From HeartsAndSharts

Lamp Revamp

Not only is this pretty, its simple to do too. Perfect DIY for a beginner.

From Craftaphile 

DIY Fabric Lampshade

Want fabric lampshades? Try this DIY.

From BHG

diy: Anthropolgie Inspired Lamp

Love Anthropolgie? Try DIY-ing this lamp.

From ThePintoPony

Photo Filled Lampshade

Want to share your favorite photos? Try this DIY.

From BHG 

Super easy quick peony lampshade

Isn’t this charming? Cute for a kid’s room.

From SweetCDesigns

Hallowedding Spiderweb Lampshade

Love Halloween? Try this lampshade.

From BHG

Shabby Chic Lamp Shade

Love pink? Try DIY-ing this lampshade.

From JenniferCiani

Diamond Textured Lampshade

Isn’t this pretty? Try DIY-ing this lampshade.

From BHG 

DIY Copper Lampshade

How elegant! A copper lampshade.

From BHG

Fancy Beaded Lampshade

Isn’t this pretty? A beaded lampshade.

From BHG 

DIY Lampshade Update

This DIY is both pretty and simple to make. A great beginner’s project.

From BHG

Easy Button Lampshade

Love buttons? Try this DIY.

From BHG

Origami Inspired Lampshade

Love origami? Try DIY-ing these lampshades.

From De.Dewanda

Make a Fabric Covered Lampshade

Here’s a pretty lampshade. A great one to DIY.

From BHG