40 DIY Mosaic Design Ideas with Tile, Rocks and Glass

Want a DIY to enhance your home decor? You’re going to want to give mosaic a try. One of the things we know you’re going to be thrilled about – a beginner can easily get terrific results on a project. While some mosaics do feature an intricate pattern, you’ll see plenty of mosaics where they simply have pretty multi colored designs that are varied, these are quite simple to make.

Some projects are very eco-friendly, as you can use materials that you already have. Whether it is a mason jar, picture frame or a terra cotta planter, it just looks a lot better with mosaic on it.

Mosaics is also a quick craft most of the time. So this is terrific if you want a weekend DIY project. Or if you need a housewarming gift and want to make something special for friends or family. Its easy to customize your mosaic using the person’s favorite colors.

Mosaic can be made with glass, broken china, sea glass, wood and lots of other materials – including old CDs! So go ahead and get creative, its time to DIY and mosaic! Happy DIY-ing!


Mosaic Mason Jarold CD

Perfect to decorate the porch or family room. This DIY is easy to make.

From MasonJarCrafts

Lazy Susan Mosaic

Isn’t this pretty? Its perfect for your kitchen.

From Etsy.com by NatureUnderGlass

How to Make Garden Art with Old Windows

Isn’t this pretty? A great mosaic DIY.

From SnapGuide

Mosaic Pot

Like seashells? This mosaic has them and more.

From Etsy.com by jenzartcreations

Weed Tray Serving Tray Mosaic

One of the fun things about mosaic is the patterns. You can do anything you want with them.

From Etsy.com by byGuls

Flamingo Mosaic Garden Art

Isn’t this cute? What a fun DIY mosaic.

From LucyDesignsOnline 

Rustic mosaic flower pot

Love the rustic look? Try this flower pot.

From Etsy.com by moZEHicDesigns

Large Indoor Planter Pot

Like the rustic look? Try this mosaic pot.

From Etsy.com by MarchesaMosaics

Large Vintage Round Mosaic

Isn’t this pretty? Its perfect for your living room.

From Etsy.com by CuriousAndVintage

Flower Pot From Baking Dish

Love your garden? Try making this pot.

From Plushkin

Beach Inspired Mason Jar Craft

Isn’t this sparkly? Perfect for summertime.

From APumpkinAndAPrincess

Mosaic Mirror in shades of Blue

Isn’t this pretty? Perfect for your bathroom or living room.

From Etsy.com by PineappleMosaics

Mosaic Pot Stand

Like chameleons? Look at this great pot stand.

From Etsy.com by PangolinnMosaic

How to Make a Gorgeous Garden Gazing Ball

Want to make your garden look lovely? Make this mosaic garden ball.

From TimeWithThea

How to Decorate Flower Pots with Mosaic Tiles

What a fun DIY! This is great for your porch.

From BirdsAndBlooms 

Building a Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone

Like rocks? Take a look at this mosaic.

From JeffreyGardens

Sea Glass Mosaic Tabletop

Love sea glass? Make this table.

From Instructables

From Oops to Ahh

Have broken china? It actually makes a great mosaic.

From OverTheBigMoon 

Round Mosaic Mirror

Love the iridescence! What pretty mosaic here.

From Etsy.com by victoriacharlotte 

Mosaic Tile Window Box Planter

Like window boxes? Make this DIY mosaic planter.

From Centsationalgirl

Round Mosaic Mirror

What a great mirror with mosaic. Its perfect for your bedroom or hallway.

From Etsy.com by opusmosaics

Mosaic House Number

Do you have old CDs? Look at this great mosaic.

From MakeItEasyCrafts

Whimsical Raised Beds

Aren’t these cute? Perfect for your garden.

From GrowAndResist

Orange and Teal Mosaic Mirror

What stylish mosaic! Bright and colorful.

From Etsy.com by TheMosartStudio

Mosaic on a Cover Pot

Isn’t this pretty? What lovely mosaic.

From Instructables

Mosaic mirror mixed media

How bright and colorful! This is perfect for your home.

From Etsy.com by KarenHarryMosaic

Mosaic Flower Holder from PVC Pipe

Want to make your garden look pretty? Try DIY-ing these.

From Szinesotletek

Mosaic Stairs

How stylish! What a fun DIY to do.

From Instructables

Newtownville Kitchen Backsplash

Wow! What a showpiece for your kitchen.

From AFSMosaics

Wooden Mosaic Vase

How eco-friendly. This vase is perfect to DIY.

From Instructables 

How to Make Broken China Mosaic Pots

Want to make your garden look better? Try DIY-ing these pots.

From Kenarry 

Beautiful Way of Reusing Old Wood Logs with Ceramics into Stools

How eco-friendly! What a great way to make a stool.

From Recyclart

Forgotten CDs Become A Beautiful Mosaic Table

Hey! Here’s a great use for old CDs.

From LittleThings

Our Backyard Mosaic Tile DIY Stairway

Isn’t this colorful? The stairs look great.

From OhDearDreaBlog

Waban Kitchen Backsplash

This looks like birch trees in the forest. So intricate and elegant.

From AFSMosaics

Cascade Mosaic Mirror

Isn’t this stunning? A beautiful mirror for your home.

From EverythingTurquoise

DIY Tile Outdoor Table

Isn’t this great for your porch? Perfect DIY project.

From CensationalGirl

Mosaic Bird Bath DIY

Your birds will love this. How pretty!

From BirdCageIdeas

How to Mosaic a Table

Isn’t this pretty? Its also simple to make.

From RunningWithSisters

Decorative Mosaic Tray

Perfect for a housewarming gift. This is elegant and pretty.

From RealityDayDream