40 Dorm Decorating Ideas


Hey! Do you want your dorm room to go from “a-okay” to “a-mazing”? Well, DIY is the secret to get you there. Unless you’ve got tomorrow’s lottery numbers, we can imagine that you are on a budget while being in college – because tuition and books (and that dorm room) is all quite pricey! So if you can DIY some terrific decor for your room, you’re going to feel right at home in no time. Mom & Dad, don’t worry – they’ll still be eager to come home at the holidays and summertime to see you!

We’ve got 40 great DIY projects, all hand selected to make your dorm room look great, all while sticking to your budget. Most of these projects can be done either in an afternoon or a couple of weekends – so you’ve got absolutely no excuse for not turning in that term paper on time! Sorry about that!

Take a look at these DIY projects with your roommate and get ready to be inspired, to see what your dorm room can look like. Best of all, we’ve got quite a few projects that beginners can feel confident tackling. So even if you’ve never made a bean bag chair before, get ready to smile and sit down in that chair you’ve just DIY-ed!

Let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!


Floppy Disk Planter

Like a techy look? Try this DIY planter.


From Instructables

Dorm Sweet Dorm

Isn’t this cute? Great wall art for your dorm room.

From Etsy.com by PaperFoxStudios 

Made to Order Dorm Bed Size T Shirt Quilt

Love your T Shirts? Look at them as a lovely quilt!

From Etsy.com by QuiltArtStudio

Call Me Old Fashioned Bar Cart Essentials

If your dorm room is “the party room” in the dorm or the dorm floor, then you’ll need a great bar cart. You can DIY it to organize everything you need.

From FurnishMyWay


Love fabric headboards? Try this simple DIY.

From HeyThereHome

College Definition

Here is some humorous wall art. Perfect for your dorm room.

From Etsy.com by HQStudio

Goofy Pictures and Crazy Times

Isn’t this great for your dorm room? A terrific DIY.

From Pinterest, saved by Bradleigh Spurlin, original user unknown

Unpainted Dorm Room Monogram

Want everyone to know which dorm room is yours? Add a monogram.

From Etsy.com by NeedmoreHeart 

Vodka sign

Here is a funny wall art sign for your dorm. The definition of vodka.

From Etsy.com by footnotesstudios 

Easy DIY Floating Shelves

Want simple shelves in your dorm room? Try these.

From GoodMorningLoretta 

Just do today sign

Lovely inspirational Bible sign on wood. Perfect for your dorm room.

From Etsy.com by WoodfairySigns 

Dorm Room Name Sign

Want everyone to know you share your room with a great roommate? Look at this sign!

From Etsy.com by JAMDesignsNJ 

Vegan definition

Are you a vegan? Here’s a great sign for your dorm room.

From Etsy.com by footnotestudios

DIY Unicorn Pillow

Like unicorns? DIY this pillow for your dorm room.

From LiaGriffith

DIY Upholstered Headboard Tutorial

Love fabric headboards? Try this simple DIY.

From LouLouGirls

DIY Crate Bookshelf Tutorial

Do you have a few crates? Then you have all you need to DIY a great bookcase!

From KitchenDecorMagazine

Perfect College Students Desk Combo

Want a great desk for your dorm room? Take a look at this one!

From Ana-White 

DIY Canopy Bed

Want a simple canopy bed in your dorm room? This was done with Command strips.

From Pinterest, saved by Katy DeCorah, original pinner unknown

DIY Flower Lights

If you have cupcake wrappers and a string of lights, you have everything you need to make this. Its so pretty!


From OhHappyDay

DIY Inspirations a Canopy Bed

Love fairy lights and want a canopy bed? Try this great DIY.

From BreakfastWithAudrey

DIY Twin Platform Bed and Headboard

We think this monogrammed headboard would be great for your dorm room! Try this DIY.

From Shanty 2 Chic

Make a Mini Paper Rose Wreath

Isn’t this pretty? Such a lovely wreath.

From LiaGriffith

Reclaimed Wood Night Stand

Want a great nightstand for your college dorm room? DIY this one.

From Ana-White

How to Make a Jewelry Makeup Holder with Dinnerware

Want a simple jewelry & makeup holder? Try this great DIY.

From DesignsByStudioC 

DIY Beanbag Chair

Every dorm room needs at least 1 bean bag chair. These are simple to DIY.

From ALittleCraftInYourDay

DIY Flower Mirror

Love flowers? Try this DIY.

From Pinterest, original pinner unknown

DIY Makeup Vanity

Are you a beauty fan? Create a DIY vanity set.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Kellie Glenn, original pinner unknown

Jewelry Holder

Love your jewelry? Keep it all in one place with this great DIY.

From LauraThoughts81


Want to DIY makeup organizers with “bling”? Try these!

From Rosyscription

DIY Beauty Dock

Want a simple beauty set? Try this DIY.

From TheMerryThought

DIY Key Fob with a Zipper Compartment

Here’s a great DIY for your dorm room. You’ll never misplace your keys now.

From ALittleCraftinYourDay

Tutorial Tuesday Framed Wire Memo Board

Want to keep notes from dorm mates organized? DIY this memo board.

From TheGunnySack

Tigers South Caroline printable

Are you a SC Tigers fan? This printable is perfect for your dorm room.

From Etsy.com by FarmhousePrintStudio

Make Extra Seating With Our Beanbag Sewing Pattern

Here’s a pretty beanbag chair that actually doesn’t look too casual. Try this great DIY.

From Prima

Winnie the Pooh quote

Such a sweet saying and very inspirational too! Perfect for your dorm room.

By Etsy.com by WisePrintables


Want to make something flower-ful for your dorm room? Try this DIY.

From Rosyscription

Wall phone holder

Do you have to know where your cellphone is at all times? Then this is for you!

From Etsy.com by NewLoveDecor 

Plants in Jars

Love succulents? These are simple to grow in a dorm room.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Christina June, original pinner unknown

Hanging Planter

Want to grow little plants to have decor on your walls? Look at these great hanging shelves.

From Etsy.com by WoodandSpoolStudio 

Makeup Magnet Board

Want to keep all of your makeup handy? Try this DIY.

From LauraThoughts81