40 Easy DIY Headboard Ideas for a Stylish Bedroom


Want a bed that looks great? Here’s a DIY that is actually pretty simple and easy. A beginner can tackle this with confidence, knowing that the results they get will look polished and professional. Most beds simply look better with a headboard. You’ll see 40 terrific projects here that you can DIY, for a great headboard. Whether you’d like to make one out of wood or fabric, there’s the perfect project for you.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you start with a simpler project among the group, one that has less embellishments. But if you are more advanced, then give some of the others a try. Such as the Star Wars themed lightsaber bed! Which is perfect for any big Star Wars fan, kid or adult alike.

Making a headboard is a terrific way to freshen your room’s decor while staying within budget. Most of these projects are well under $200 and a lot of them are even under $50! So this is a weekend project that you can do and get results that will certainly get you lots of compliments. Its also a terrific money saver, vs. buying a headboard in a store.

When you make a headboard as a DIY, always make sure to start with high quality materials. Yes, you can make a great one with pallets, but remember to check that your chosen pallet is in excellent condition. You’ll want your headboard to last a long time.


Happy DIY-ing!

Master Bedroom Redo DIY Fabric Headboard

A modern headboard. This is a great budget friendly one to make.

From KindleYourCreativity

Doll Headboard

Here’s a sweet DIY headboard for a girl’s room. Try this one!

From BHG – no longer on BHG. I made a copy here.

Woven Headboard

Here’s a pretty headboard. Why not DIY this one!

From Instructables

Easy No Sew Reversable Padded Headboard Cover

Want a simple headboard DIY? Try this one!

From InMyOwnStyle

Boho Headboard

What a fun headboard! If you like the Boho style, make this one.

From Instructables

Faux Bois Headboard

Here is a pretty headboard. This is one you can make in a weekend.

From BHG

Tufted Headboard with Winged Sides

Want a beautiful headboard? Take a look at this one.

From KnockOffDecor

Tardis Headboard

Love Dr. Who? Take a look at this headboard.

From Instructables

Easy Bamboo Headboard

Love the look of Bamboo? Try this headboard.

From BHG

Lightsaber Headboard

Love Star Wars? Make this great DIY headboard.

From Instructables

Shutter Headboard

Here’s a unique and fun headboard. Make from shutters.

From BHG

Beetle Kill Pine Headboard

What beautiful wood! Make this DIY headboard.

From Instructables

DIY Upholstered Headboard with Stenciled Fabric

Here’s a stylish headboard. Take a look at the stenciled fabric too.

From TreasuredRubbish

Simple Wooden Headboard

Love the classic look? Here is a beautiful wooden headboard to make.

From Instructables

Quilt Headboard

Isn’t this charming? Make a bright and colorful headboard.

From BHG

Herringbone Headboard Tutorial

What fun Chevron strips! Make this great DIY.

From APinterestAddict

Easy DIY Decorative Headboard

What a great looking headboard. A great beginner’s project too.

From Instructables

Painted Headboard Panel Project

What a fun headboard! Here’s a great one to DIY.

From BHG

Storage Headboard

What a unique and fun headboard. This one has storage.

From BHG

Beautiful Upholstered Headboard and Nailhead Trim Tutorial

Want to make nailhead trim? Here’s how to do it, the easy way.


From ProvidentHomeDesign

$46.00 DIY Headboard

Here’s a budget friendly headboard. You can still get a great look.

From DanielleOakeyInteriors

An Update on my DIY Tufting Technique

What an adorable headboard! Try making this one.

From LittleGreenNotebook

How to Make a Headboard

Here is a classic fabric headboard. Try this DIY.

From ThriftyDecorChick

How to Make a Diamond Tufted Headboard

Isn’t this elegant? What a great DIY project.

From HomemadeByCarmona

DIY Fabric Headboard

Bright and colorful, here is a fun headboard. Try this one.

From BHG

Tufted Headboard with Nailhead

Here’s a very stylish headboard you can make. This is a great DIY project.

From SarahMDorseyDesigns

Afternoon Headboard

Love the fabric headboard look? Try this great headboard, its easy to DIY.

From Design-Aholic 

Pallet headboard

Isn’t this headboard pretty? Its grey and white painted pallet wood.

From Etsy.com by RustasticWood

Tufting a Headboard the Easy Way

Want a classic tufted headboard? Here is how to do it.

From PneumaticAddict

Fabric Headboard for the Master Bedroom

Here is a classic fabric headboard. Take a look at this budget friendly project.

From PepperDesignBlog 

How to Make a Headboard

Want to make a basic headboard? Here is a project ideal for beginners.

From Handmadeology

DIY Fabric Headboard

Doesn’t this look pretty? Its also a project you can get done in a weekend.

From JenniferMeyering

Pallet Wood Headboard

Here you’ll find easy free plans to make a pallet wood headboard. You can customize is to a full, queen or kind bed size.

From RevivalWoods

How to: Make a Headboard

Here is a great DIY ideal for beginners. Yes, you can make a headboard.


From BrettBara

DIY How to Make Your Own Wood Headboard

What a beautiful headboard. Here is a classic one to DIY.

From PrimitiveStarQuiltShop

DIY Tufted Headboard Tutorial

Here is a great headboard that you can make. Try this DIY.

From ThriftyDecorChick 

DIY Pallet Headboard

Pallets are great for DIY. Try making this headboard.

From RiceDesignBlog

Build a Rustic Wooden Headboard

Here’s a great DIY headboard. Ideal if you like the rustic look.

From LiveYourGoals

diy Pallet Headboard

Here is a very classic style of headboard to make. Give this one a try!

From RandiWithAni

DIY Distressed Headboard

One of the best things about this headboard is the attached lamps in it. It is contemporary and fun.

From LiveSimply