40 Fancy Treehouses and Playhouses

Want to make a treehouse or playhouse? This is a great DIY project, especially if you have kids or grandkids. They will have hours and days of fun in this space, playing with their friends and having adventures that you simply don’t have with video games or other electronics that have become so popular now. Best of all, creating a custom made treehouse or playhouse lets you DIY it in your child’s favorite colors or with a theme they will like, such as pirates, princesses or anything else that will make them smile.

Most likely this is a DIY project you can do on your own, but would get done quicker if you have a buddy or spouse to help you a bit whether with the painting or the rest of the project. If you have older teens, they could help too with a bit of supervision.

We’ve found you 40 fun projects here for both treehouses and playhouses. Now some of these treehouses are actually for adults! As spending a resort like weekend around nature in a treehouse has become a popular trend. So if you are grown up and still want a treehouse, well, there are lots of them out there for you too!

If you create a treehouse or playhouse, it is critical that you work with high quality supplies that can stand up to play and children and adults standing on them, high up in a tree. Now is not the time to count your pennies or even to look to get free lumber, especially if you are uncertain of the condition it is in. While a more experienced wood DIY-er will likely know this, a beginner probably will not. We recommend you focus on “safety first” when building either a treehouse or a playhouse, as little ones will be playing in it. If you have questions about the instructions you’ve found or want to build something new you’ve never tried, ask a more experienced DIY-er for some advice.


Happy DIY-ing!

Amazing Backyard Treehouse

Here’s a fun treehouse. Great for active kids.

From BeAFunMum

Hobbit Hole

Love the Hobbit? Try this fun playhouse.

From Etsy.com by HobbitHoles

Pirate Ship Playhouse

Isn’t this fun? What a great playhouse!

From Instructables.com 

Fully Customizable Castle

Perfect for make believe play! What a fun playhouse.

From Etsy.com by RebeccaColonPhoto

Building a Treehouse

Here’s a great classic treehouse. Perfect for kids to play in.

From Instructables.com


Here’s a great kids treehouse. Look at the pretty windows.

From HighLifeTreehouses

Spa Treehouse

Here’s a treehouse that’s perfect for a weekend getaway. Just enjoy nature.

From NelsonTreehouseAndSupply.com

Play house

Here’s a fun play house. This one you can also take down and put up again, it is fabric.

From Etsy.com by StripedCoast

How to Build a Treehouse

Here’s a great DIY. Make your kids a treehouse!

From Instructables.com

Play area treehouse

So many things to do at this treehouse! Its a great spot to play.

From HighLifeTreehouses


Here is a cozy treehouse. Its high up in the tree!

From Flickr.com by Linus Bohman

Treehouse in Utah

What a fun treehouse for kids. This is a great spot to play.

From Flickr.com by Larry Caldwell

The Burl

Here is a fun and unique treehouse. Wouldn’t this be great to play in?

From NelsonTreehouseAndSupply.com

Custom Built Playhouse

Here’s a charming looking playhouse. Ready for fun and games.

From Etsy.com by BethesdaWoodbuilders


Here’s a great platform treehouse. Perfect for kids to play.

From Instructables.com

Lake Chelan Treehouse

Wow! What a great treehouse!

From NelsonTreehouseAndSupply.com

Build Your Own Shed or Playhouse

Isn’t this sweet? The perfect playhouse.

From Etsy.com by TheBestDIYPlansShop

The Residence Playhouse

Isn’t this a sweet playhouse? Perfect for children to play in.

From Etsy.com by ImagineThatPlayhouse


Here is a sweet treehouse. It has a large porch and a bridge.

From Flickr.com by Qfamily

Backyard Treehouse

Here’s a sweet treehouse. It even has 2 levels.

From Flickr.com uploaded by LizAT99

Dragon themed Luxury Childrens Playhouse

Do your kids like to play make believe? Try this fun playhouse.

From Etsy.com by TheTideline

To be a kid again

Now this looks like something out of a cartoon! But what a fun set of treehouses!

From Pixdaus.com


Love the rustic style? Here is a great treehouse your kids would have fun with.

From Flickr.com by Matt Boyd

The Craftsmans Treehouse by Imagine That Playhouses

Look at how sweet this treehouse is. Windowboxes full of sunflowers too.

From Etsy.com by ImagineThatPlayhouse

Treehouse from Treehouse Point

Isn’t this charming? Here’s a great treehouse.

From NaturalHomes.org

Coolest treehouse

Wow! What a stunning treehouse!

From Pinterest.com saved by Elizabeth Railsback (please share the source if you know it!) 

Nomadic Photographer Drops Everything to Create His Own Hand-Crafted Treehouse in Nature

Isn’t this stunning? What a lovely treehouse.

From MyModernMet.com

Pirate Hideout Treehouse

Yo ho ho! Here’s a fun pirate themed treehouse!

From Instructables.com

Alpino treehouse

Here’s a great treehouse for your child. It even has a roof.

From Etsy.com by TreehouseGuides

How We Built Our Treehouse

This is a simple treehouse. Its ideal for a beginner’s project.

From YeaDadsHome.com

The Ultimate Kids Treehouse

Here’s a treehouse that has several levels. The perfect playspace.

From Instructables.com

Kauri treehouse

Here’s a charming treehouse. Perfect for a child to play in.

From Etsy.com by TreehouseGuides

Deluxe Tree House Plans

This tree house even has a porch. Look at the birdhouse too!

From TheClassicArchives.com

The Dollhouse Treehouse by Imagine That Playhouses

Do you have a little girl? She would love this sweet treehouse!

From Etsy.com by ImagineThatPlayhouse

Zelkova treehouse

Here’s a treehouse that’s fun. It even has a porch too.

From Etsy.com by TreehouseGuides

When summer comes again I’ll have your own.

Here is a charming treehouse. Complete with a flag!

From Mokkasin

Build Treehouse

Here’s a classic treehouse. Perfect for every kid’s playhouse.

From WoodArchivist.com

Tree Fort

Here’s a classic tree fort. A fun place for the kids to play.


From VillageCustomFurniture

The Castle Playset by Imagine That Playhouse

If your kids like to play make believe this is a great choice. This is a big playhouse too.

From Etsy.com by ImagineThatPlayhouse

Made with Happy Treehouse

Here’s a charming treehouse. The perfect place to play.

From MadeWithHappy.com