40 Fun Balloon Animals


Hey! We have a super fun DIY for you today at BigDIYIdeas: balloon animals. Realize that if you can learn to make about half a dozen of these – you can entertain any kids & teens in your family at any special event or family dinner!

What we think will make you DIY-ers grin from ear to ear, is that some of these balloon animals are perfect for beginners who’ve never created one. Some offer photos with step by step instructions and then others offer you a cool video to watch, so you can actually see someone create the balloon animal. This is so helpful as you learn how to make them.

If your child’s birthday party is coming up, we think this is a DIY project you’re certainly going to want to try. Yes, some of the animals are a bit intricate or need several balloons to make. But have confidence! Most are quite straightforward and we know you’ll find them simple to create for that fun birthday party.

So let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!


One balloon monkey

How adorable! DIY this monkey.


From KhoolBalloons 

Balloon rooster

This rooster won’t wake you up. DIY this one.

From BalloonOTherapy

Balloon alligator

Here’s a fun balloon animal hat. It’s an alligator!

From Pinterest, pinned by Balloon World & Face Painting


So cute!!! DIY this great zoo animal.

From KhoolBalloons 

How to make a balloon Sword

Make playtime fun. DIY balloon swords.

From Balloon-Models

Reindeer wearable

Perfect for Christmas! A Reindeer balloon hat!

From KhoolBalloons

How to Make a Balloon Pig

So cute! A balloon animal pig to DIY.

From Balloon-Models

3 balloon bunny ear hat

Bunnies your favorite animal? DIY these cute ears!

From Pinterest.com, saved by Dale the Balloon Twister 

How to Make a Balloon Seal

Love zoo animals? DIY this great sea lion.

From Balloon-Models 


Do you love cats? DIY this great balloon animal!

From KhoolBalloons 

How to make a giraffe balloon animal

Love zoo animals? DIY this great giraffe.

From Instructables 


So adorable! DIY this hamster balloon animal.

From KhoolBalloons 

How to Make a Bulldog

Bulldog fan? DIY this one.

From Balloon-Models 

Panda bear

Do you love panda bears? Try this DIY.

From KhoolBalloons 

DIY Balloon Princess Crown

Want to make birthday parties more fun? Try this great DIY.

From OhHappyDay 

Penguin wearing a Santa hat

What a jolly Penguin! Perfect to DIY for Christmas.

From KhoolBalloons


W-ho would like to DIY this balloon animal? Would you?

From KhoolBalloons

Two balloon horse

Are you a horse fan? Then you’ll want to DIY this.

From KhoolBalloons 

How to make a Balloon Poodle

This is one of the most classic balloon animals. Adorable!


From Balloon-Models 

Balloon teddy bear

Want to try a more advanced balloon animal? Look at this teddy!

From Pinterest, saved by Sanja Dinic

Giant Sized Balloon Animals

Want really big animals? Try this fun DIY.

From Instructables

Balloon elephant hat

Love elephants? DIY this fun hat.

From BalloonOTheraphy 


Are you a dog fan? DIY this balloon animal.

From KhoolBalloons 

Sabre of Light

Star Wars fan? You can make a big one..or a small one!

From 365DaysOfBalloons

Beaver – nature’s engineer

This one is so adorable, looks like a cartoon character! DIY this fun beaver.

From KhoolBalloons

One balloon airplane

Know someone who likes airplanes? DIY this for them!

From BalloonOTherapy

How to Make a Balloon Tiger

Like tigers? DIY this balloon animal.

From Balloon-Models 

How to make balloon ant

Like ants? You can DIY one!

From BalloonOTherapy

Balloon animals: Swan

Want to make an elegant animal? DIY this one.

From KidSpot

Balloon vampire bat

Here’s a balloon animal you don’t see everyday. Perfect for Halloween too!

From BalloonOTherapy

How to Make a Balloon Meerkat

Want to DIY a meerkat? Try this one!

From Balloon-Models

One balloon bat

DIY this balloon animal, especially for Halloween. It only takes 1 balloon!

From BalloonOTherapy 

Flower bouquets

Allergic to flowers? Not to these ones!

From KhoolBalloons

Winnie The Pooh of Balloons

So cute! Its Winnie the Pooh!

From BalloonOTherapy

How to Make a Unicorn with One Balloon

Unicorn fan? DIY this one.

From Balloon-Models 

Day 23 You throw down the rope

Here’s a simple snake to make. A fun DIY.

From 365DaysOfBalloons

Day 328 Octopus

Isn’t he cute? Its an octopus!

From 365DaysOfBalloons 

How to Make a Balloon Flower

Pretty flowers are easy to DIY. Try this one.

From Balloon-Models

How to Make a Parrot on a Swing

Here’s a truly unique balloon animal. DIY this one!

From Balloon-Models


So cute! This tiger is g-r-r-r-eat!

From KhoolBallons