40 Fun Duct Tape Crafts


Hey! Do you have duct tape handy? Well, get excited – because you’ve got all you need to make some of the most fun DIY projects for adults, kids & teens! 

One of the best things about duct tape is just how versitle it is. Did you know that each year, the Duct Tape company holds a prom clothing competition, offering scholarship money to high school students who create the best outfits? But not only can you make fashion out of duct tape, one of the most classic duct tape DIY projects is to do a wallet. If you are new to duct tape crafts, we recommend you start with this one! 

Duct tape crafts also make great gifts. Duct tape comes in dozens of colors & patterns, so it is super easy to customize what you create to make someone smile. We also love just how durable duct tape is, this is a DIY material that can be rained on, snowed on or even left outside for a couple of days & your project will still look great! 

So let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing! 


Duct Tape Roses

Flowers you won’t have to water. You could make these as pen toppers too!


From CraftFoxes 

Magic Duct Tape Wallet

So pretty! A great, compact wallet too.

From Instructables 

Earbud holders out of duct tape

What a great idea! DIY earbud holders out of duct tape.

From Pinterest.com, saved by Denise Bennett 

Bouquet of 5 duct tape rose pens

Flowers you don’t have to water. They write too!

From Etsy.com by DuctTapeStudios 

Duct Tape Emoji Bookmarks

Make reading books fun! DIY these bookmarks!

From SchoolingAMonkey 

How to Make Mini Duct Tape Rose Rings

Aren’t these sweet? A fun DIY craft for teen girls.

From Etsy.com by QuietMischief 

Duct Tape Beads DIY

So pretty! Beads to make jewelry, all from duct tape.

From DreamALittleBigger 

Duct Tape Small Purses

Get a small purse. Its made of duct tape!

From Etsy.com by AshsTapeFashion 

Make Your Own Slap Bracelets

All you need is duct tape. How great is that?

From ToysInTheDryer 

Bouquet of 6 Pink Daisy Duct Tape Flower Pens

Love daisies? These, you’ll never have to water!

From Etsy.com by UPKellysCreations 

Woven Duct Tape Purse

So pretty! A woven duct tape purse.

From CutOutAndKeep 

Duct Tape Christmas Ornament

What fun for Christmas! Duct tape ornaments!

From Etsy.com by AshsTapeFashion 

Tree Topper

Is it Christmastime? Make your own tree topper…with duct tape!

From DuctTapeFun 

DIY Candy Wrapper Coin Purse

How sweet! Its a duct tape coin purse.

From MyNewestAddiction 

Duct Tape Bags

So bright & colorful! The perfect bag.

From CutOutAndKeep 

Duct Tape Ties

Here’s a Father’s Day gift he’ll really notice. A duct tape tie!

From Pinterest.com, saved by quinn 

2010 Camp Craft No 1: Duct tape wallets

Aren’t these fun? Perfect to make as gifts.

From CraftyNest 


Duct Tape Purse

Love the butterfly on the purse. You can DIY this!

From CutOutAndKeep

Holiday Stocking

We can guess you want duct tape in your stocking if its made of it! Try this fun DIY.

From DuctTapeFun 

Duct Tape Headband

Make your hair look great. DIY this!

From CutOutAndKeep 

How to Make a Duct Tape Pencil Case

A fun schooldays craft. Great for kids!

From AboutFamilyCrafts 

Duct Tape Water Bottle Holder

Water bottle fan? You’ve got to make this DIY!

From TheresJustOneMommy 

Make Your Own Fidget Spinner

Fun DIY! Make fidget spinners!

From KidsActivitiesBlog 

No Sew Candy Wrapper Pouch

Isn’t this cute? A great kids craft.

From BakingAndBlankets 

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Here’s a great wallet for kids. A fun DIY!

From FrugalFun4Boys 

Lunar Lander

Want to have out of this world fun? Try this DIY.

From DuctTapeFun 

Duct Tape Pointsetta Christmas Wreath

Here’s a wreath that will withstand a snowstorm! Look at the pretty pointsettas.

From CraftFoxes 

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Great for kids! DIY this fun duct tape wallet.

From TheSuburbanMom 

White Elephant

Want to make animals out of duct tape? Start with this one!

From DuctTapeFun 

Duct Tape Key Chains

A great duct tape craft. The perfect gift too.

From TheCraftyBlogStalker 

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Here’s a great wallet especially for women. Lots of pockets and card slots too!

From 100Things2Do


Know someone who did something really great? DIY them this fun trophy!

From DuctTapeFun 

DIY Pencil Case with Ziplock and Duct Tape

Fun kids’ DIY! Make a pencil case.

From FrugalCouponLiving 

Santa Hat

Isn’t this jolly and fun? Wish everyone a Merry Christmas with duct tape!

From DuctTapeFun 

Duct Tape Bookmark

Keep track of where you are in a book. Makes a great gift idea too!

From TheSimplyCraftedLife 

Laptop Bag

Want to bring your laptop wherever you go? DIY this with duct tape.

From DuctTapeFun