40 Homemade Wind Chimes


Hey! Do you enjoy being outdoors? Or simply sitting on your front porch, visiting with your neighbors? We have a great DIY project for you: making homemade wind chimes.

One of the best things about DIY wind chimes is that you will receive many compliments. Everyone who comes to your home will notice the beautiful sound they make and also just how pretty they are. You can create DIY windchimes from lots of different materials including beads, vintage silverware, ceramics and other found items too.

Wind chimes make a terrific housewarming gift. So if a new neighbor has just moved in or a friend has bought a house, this is the perfect DIY to give them something special. You can easily customize it, by adding their family name and house number on it too. Happy DIY-ing!

How to Make Terra Cotta Wind Chimes

Aren’t these charming? Fun to make for your garden.




Unique Blue Crystal and glass beaded wind chime on Manzanita Wood

Isn’t this stunning? Bright shiny beads and wood.

From Etsy.com by dkunchick

Wind Tintinnabulator

Want beautiful sounding wind chimes? Try DIY-ing these.

From Instructables

Recycled Crafts for Kids DIY Key Wind Chime

Want to make a wind chime with your kids? Try this eco-friendly one.

From InnerChildFun

Fairy Garden Wind chimes

These wind chimes are very sweet. Will they attract fairies?

From Instructables

How to Make a Strainer Planter Wind Chime

Got a strainer? Now its a wind chime.

From ThriftyRebelVintage

Chagrin River Ceramic Wind Chime

Isn’t this charming? A natural style wind chime.

From Etsy.com by BuckeyeBeachGlass

Seashore Windchimes

Love the ocean? Make sea inspired windchimes.

from Poindextr

Stained Glass Wind Chime

Want a shiny wind chime? Look at this one made from stained glass.

From WindyTreasures

Door Mount Chime

Isn’t this sweet? Made from vintage silverware.

From TheNewHomestead

How to Make Pressed Penny Wind Chimes

Wow, what great wind chimes. This looks like a fun DIY project.

From Instructables

Copper Butterfly Wind Chimes

Isn’t this charming? A butterfly wind chime.

From Etsy.com by HandmadeWishesTx

Jade Green Wind Chime

Like contemporary styles? Here’s a fun wind chime.

From Etsy.com by Littlepigpottery 

Food for My Soul Stamped Silverware Wind Chime

Isn’t this beautiful? Inspirational sayings on a silverware wind chime.

From ImpressArt

Multi Colored Beaded Wind Chime

Isn’t this charming? Such a pretty wind chime.

From Etsy.com by ThePlumPumpkin

Agate Wind Chimes

Love gemstones? Try this beautiful windchime.

From Etsy.com by RockParadise

Standard Flatware Chime

How pretty! This windchime is made from silverware.

From TheNewHomestead

Wind Chime Copper vintage teapot

Love teapots? Look at this copper windchime.

From Etsy.com by PinesNTHINGS 

Garden Plate Flower Wind Chime

Aren’t these sweet? Made with a cute garden plate.


From ThriftyRebelVintage

Beaded wind chime

Isn’t this pretty? Look at the lovely beads.

From Etsy.com by BeadedDaughters

DIY Silverware Wind Chimes

How charming? Here’s a way to create a fun wind chime.

From OneSheTwoShe

Spiral Wind Chime

Isn’t this pretty? Its a spiral!

From Etsy.com by NatureTray

Sugar Bowl Chime

Very classic type of windchime. Its also very sweet, just like any sugar in a bowl.

From TheNewHomestead

Glass Bead Wind Chime

So colorful! Love the glass beads.

From Etsy.com by RamonasPrettyThings

Steampunk Wind Chime

Like Steampunk things? Try this fun wind chime.

From UrbanThreads

Rainbow Beaded Wind Chimes

So bright and colorful. Love this wind chime.

From Etsy.com by kimsbling

How to Make a Sugar Bowl Wind Chime

Have extra silver around? Make a wind chime!

From ThriftyRebelVintage

Florida Fun “Fun in the Sun”

Here’s a lovely wind chime. Perfect if you love Florida.

From Etsy.com by CCodysCreations

Creamer Chime

Love old silver? Here’s a great windchime.

From TheNewHomestead 

Repurposed Silverware Wind Chime

Have extra silverware? Make it into a windchime.

From PGEveryday 


Have vintage silverware? Make great windchimes out of them.

From SongBirdBlog

Antique Silverpot Windchime

Love teapots? Look at this windchime.

From TheNewHomestead

Cheap DIY Wind Chimes Made With A Ball Jar Ring

Want a unique, fun wind chime? Try this one!

From MyLifeIsBeautifulChaos

Tin Can Wind Chimes

Here are fun wind chimes to make with kids. Very eco-friendly.

From KiwiMagOnline 

Ceramic Skull Wind Chime

Like skulls or sugar skulls? Here’s a wind chime for you.

From Etsy.com by HeamarKat

Dream Catcher Windchime

Like dream catchers? This windchime is silver but just like a dream catcher too.

From TheNewHomestead

Bird Wind Chime

How lovely! This wind chime has a bird.

From Etsy.com by IgniteCreativeStudio

Make Your Own Bamboo Wind Chimes

Does bamboo grow in your yard? Make wind chimes from it.


Ceramic Stoneware Wind Chime

Like ceramic items? Look at this pretty wind chime.

From Etsy.com by 10FingersArt 

DIY Wind Chimes Make Garden Music

Love wind chimes? Try these musical ones.