40 Smart Ideas & Hacks For a Better Life


Hey! Want to hack your life? Well, its possible these days. There are some great DIYs you can do that will help you save time, money and a whole lot of hassle too. Whether you want your kids’ playroom to be better organized or you’d like your home office to be more streamlined so you never run out of paperclips. Or perhaps you want to be sure that you always get breakfast every morning. No worries! We’ve found you 40 terrific and smart ideas to help you simply lead a much better life.

Just take a little advice: don’t add all of these into your daily routine all at once! Its a little much to get used to. Consider 1 to 3 “peak” areas that you’d really like to improve, perhaps where things take the most time, or you’d like things to look better when company comes over or maybe you just really don’t quite know what to do with that space. Tackle those first. Give them at least 2 weeks to settle in with not only you but your family as well. Then look to add even more smart ideas, as things can only get better!

We also have some terrific news for you – 99% of these hacks are super simple DIYs to do. So not only can you complete them in a weekend’s time but most likely in a few hours. The supplies are typically pretty inexpensive too. So what exactly are you waiting for? Its time to add some smart ideas to improve your life! Happy DIY-ing!


Organize your garage with pegboard

Can’t find a thing in the garage? Time to fix that.


From StructureTech1

Shoe organization

Have lots of shoes? With a few pics you can keep them tidy.

From NatalMe

New Pantry Organization

Is your pantry messy? Tidy it up with bins.

From TarynWhitaker

DIY Makeup Brush Storage

Love makeup? Here’s how to keep your brushes organized.

From HelloMissNiki 

Spice Cupboard Organization

Do you cook a lot? Try putting spices in mason jars.

From ACultivatedNest 

Overnight No Cook Referigerator Oatmeal

Want to refresh your breakfast? Try this great oatmeal no cook recipe.

From TheYummyLife

Citrus Fresh

Hate storebought cleaners? You can DIY your own with a lemon and a little baking powder, your house will gleam and shine!

From Home-Dzine

How to Make a Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Want a tidier bathroom? Try this mason jar organizer.

From ModernMomLife

Cheap and Easy DIY Christmas Ornament Storage

Love Christmas ornaments? Store them better here!

From CraptasticKatie

How to Make a Wine Rack from a Wood Pallet

Be eco-friendly and use up your wood pallets. Besides, you can always use a nice wine rack!


No Slip Hangers

DIY your own no slip hangers. Lots of clothing fabrics today are super smooth!

From InMyOwnStyle

Boot Socks 2 Easy Ways

Like to wear boots? DIY your own socks.

From MakeIt-LoveIt 

Taco Salad in a Jar

Love taco salad? Make this ahead of time, the perfect portable lunch.

From PocketChangeGourmet

DIY Floating Window Shelves

Have a lot of plants? Try these DIY shelves and they’ll all get plenty of light.

From DesignSponge

Manicure or Pedicure in a Mason Jar

Love pretty nails? Everything fits easily in a mason jar, makes a great gift idea too!

From WeekendCraft

Playroom Progress: Great Crate Book Storage

Everyone wants their kids to read books. But keep them organized with these eco-friendly crate bookcases.

From IHeartOrganizing

diy project ashley’s vintage suitcase coffee table

Here’s a great eco-friendly hack. Take an old suitcase and turn it into pretty storage.

From DesignSponge

Tidy Tips Fabric Storage Bins

Doesn’t this look pretty? Well organized and good looking too.

From JAndOFabrics

Remove the Red Wine Stains from Clothing

Love red wine? Drink it, don’t wear it!

From TidyHouse

Organizing Purses on a Closet Shelf

Got a lot of purses? Get them organized so you can find them!


From BlueIStyleBlog

DIY slide-out scarf and belt organizers

Got a lot of scarves and belts? Keep them tidy!

From ViewAlongTheWay

How to Make Custom DIY Magnetic Tins

Want to keep your desk or kitchen tidy? Try these helpful tiny magnetic tins you DIY.

From TaterTotsAndJello

DIY Clutch Organizer

Its easier than you might think to organize your clutches. Just use a little kitchenware.

From FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle

My Way How to get rid of lint balls

Hate lint? Now you can totally remove it!

From LarkAbout

Genius! The Free Kitchen Hack for Every Squeeze Bottle

Love squeeze bottles? Now you can keep them organized.

From BobVila

How to Remove Wax from Silver Candlesticks

Love silvercandle sticks? Let them look their best.

From TidyHouse

Pool Noodles Repurposed Into Boot Supports

Aren’t these great? Use pool noodles to keep your boots in shape.

From ASpottedPony


Want to keep the kids and their chores organized? Try making a fun chart like this.

From TaterTotsAndJello

Easy Snack Station for Kids

Have kids? Why not organize their snacks nicely?

From HappyGoLuckyBlog

Create a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling

Keep things in the garage organized. If they are on the ceiling, they won’t get wet when the garage floods too.

From FamilyHandyman

The Most Effective Way to Clean Sliding Door and Window Tracks

Have sliding doors or windows? Keep them clean.

From TidyHouse


Be eco-friendly and make planters out of great containers like pumpkins. Don’t these look fun for fall?

From TaterTotsAndJello

Organized Freezer Drawers

Tired of the freezer being jammed with stuff? Get it organized finally!

From SimplyOrganized

Genius Put Your Favorite Drinks on Tap at Home

Bring the bar or restaurant home. Its easier than you might think!

From BobVila

Stacked leaning garage bike rack

Does your family love to bike? Here’s a way to organize them, without taking up a ton of space too.

From Reddit.com, posted by snicker7

DIY Lite Declutter with a Coffee Mug Tree

Too many coffee cups? Tidy up with a coffee cup tree.

From BobVila 

The DIY garden tool storage idea that will save your sanity

Don’t just toss garden tools around. Time to organize them.

From NewlywoodWards

Genius The In a Pinch Vegetable Peeler

Need to peel veggies but can’t find the peeler? No worries, just grab this!

From BobVila

Garage Storage Space Saving Sliding Shelves

Short on storage in the garage? Try these shelves.

From FamilyHandyman

DIY Lite Craft a Homemade Cutting Board

Here’s a great kitchen DIY – a cutting board. Make one exactly the size and shape that you need.

From BobVila