40 Stamped or Stenciled Stepping Stones


Hey! Does your walkway or garden have stepping stones? Now, this is a great DIY project we know you’re going to want to give a try. Best of all, it’s also great fun for families and even older kids can do this DIY with a bit of supervision.

There are quite a few different ways you can make compliment-worthy stamped or stencil stepping stones. Some may prefer to make an intricate or quite specific pattern. Others will want to have splashes of color – and don’t worry, either choice will look great! If you’re a beginner to this, we recommend you start with one of the simpler projects. A more advanced DIY-er will want to jump in with something such as a stained glass style stepping stone or the fun leaf embossing stone project.

These stones are a terrific housewarming gift to make too. If you have a new neighbor, why not throw a neighborhood BBQ and let everyone gather to make them a stepping stone? They will get to know everyone that lives close by and their garden or walkway will look quite welcoming too. You can also make these with or for family and friends.

One of the things we love about these is that you’ll easily see such a great variety of projects. So it is simple to compliment your home decor and personal tastes. Not only with favorite colors and textures, but also with every aspect of the stepping stones. So let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!



Like nursery rhymes? Try this charming stamped stone.


From ANestForAllSeasons.com

Custom designed stained glass flower mosaic garden stepping stones

Isn’t this beautiful? Look at the lovely stained glass.

From Etsy.com by midcenturymosaics

DIY Concrete Stepping Stone Fossil

Like science? Here’s a fun DIY stepping stone, especially to do with kids.

From Instructables

I Believe in Angels Stepping Stone

Like angels? Look at this stepping stone.

From Etsy.com by angelsgatejunction

How to Make a Decorative Garden Path

Like nature? These are the perfect stepping stones to make.


Bottle Cap Stepping Stone

Have bottle caps? Make a stepping stone from them!

From Instructables

Welcome Personalized Engraved Stepping Stone

Isn’t this perfect to greet people? Let everyone know they’ve found your home.

From Etsy.com by ChiseledInStone

Minature Bird Stepping Stones

Love birds? Look at these great stepping stones.

From Etsy.com by MyTinyPurpleGarden

Rhubarb Leaf Stepping Stones

What unique looking stepping stones! Shaped like leaves.

From Instructables

How to Make Lace like Stepping Stones

Love the look of lace? Pretty stepping stones.

From Instructables 

DIY Fabric Covered Stepping Stone

Want brightly colored stepping stones? Try this DIY.

Fabric covered stepping stones/Finished project

From BHG

Concrete Dragonfly Stepping Stone

Like dragonflies? Try this stepping stone.

From Etsy.com by mygardengoddess

Stained Glass Hummingbird Garden Outdoor Stepping Stone

Love birds? Look at this lovely stepping stone.

From Etsy.com by MainelySteppingStone

Embossed Stepping Stones

Want stylish stepping stones? Take a look at these.

From BHG 

Stepping Stone Toad House

Isn’t this charming? A great stone to DIY.

From Instructables

Conch Shell Seashell Stepping Stone

Like the seaside? Look at this beautiful stepping stone.

From Etsy.com by SteppingStoneYardArt

Make Oriental Stepping Stones for the Garden

Aren’t these beautiful? Lovely stepping stones.

From Instructables

How to Make Mosaic Garden Projects

These are classic stepping stones. A pretty mosaic.

From MidwestLiving.com

Dragonfly Stepping Stone

What a pretty dragonfly! A great texture too.


From Etsy.com by ConcreteThinkingLLC

Building a Pebble Mosaic Stepping Stone

Isn’t this beautiful? Very colorful.

From JeffreyGardens

Stained Glass Pelican Stepping Stone

Like pelicans? Here’s a beautiful stained glass stone.

From Etsy.com by SteppingStoneYardArt

How to Make a Stained Glass Stepping Stone

Love stained glass? Here are pretty stepping stones to make.


Personalized Garden Stepping Stones

Want to give your garden a unique touch? This stepping stone will look great.

From Instructables 

DIY Stepping Stones for Fabulous Garden

Want stylish stepping stones for your garden? Try making these ones!

From YoniqueByTerriColquitt

Button Stepping Stones

Aren’t these charming? Stones that look like buttons.

From Instructables

Project Cast Bird Bath

These leaf stepping stones are beautiful. Simple to make.

From JohannePalandet

Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones

Don’t these look great? Very natural.

From GardenTherapy

From Oops to Ahh

Have broken china? Why not make beautiful stepping stones?

From OverTheBigMoon

Daddy Camp Cement Stepping Stone

Have glass gems? Make stepping stones.

From PinkAndGreenMama

Get Creative with The Lorax How to Make Cement Garden Stones

Like Dr. Seuss? Try these stepping stones.

From PrettyPrudent.com

DIY Mosaic Stepping Stones Made with Flagstone

Love mosaic? Try making these stepping stones.

From IntimateWeddings

Her Pinspiration Stepping Stones

Here are stepping stones you can make with your kids. Great for the garden.

From HerViewfromHome.com

These stepping stones look like old wood, but they are concrete

Amazing! These stepping stones are not wood, they are actually stone!

From Flickr, uploaded by Gratitude Pics

DIY Garden Stepping Stone

Here’s a fun family DIY. Make stepping stones.

From OneSassyHouswife

DIY Embossed Stepping Stones

Love the embossed look? Try these great stepping stones.

From DreamALittleBigger.com

How to Make Stepping Stones With a Cake Pan

Love stepping stones? These are simple to make.

From IntimateWeddings.com

Update Craft 42 Stepping Stones

Want to make stepping stones with your kids? These are fun to try.

From CraftingReallyAwesomeFunThings.com

DIY Leaf Imprinted Garden Stepping Stone

Want stepping stones inspired by nature? Try using big leaves.

From CraftByPhoto.com

DIY Kids Make a Garden Stepping Stone

Want a kid friendly DIY? Try these stepping stones.

From BobVilla.com

Heart Shaped Stepping Stones

Aren’t these sweet? Perfect for your garden.

From MiqueridaLadybug