41 Repurposed Items Looking Better Than the Original

Do you have old items you’re thinking about putting out to the curb, or don’t quite know what to do with them? Especially if you are interested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle, it can be really hard to look at something you know is still high quality but you just don’t have good use the way it is. Fortunately there are lots of ways to repurpose items, so you can get even more use out of them than ever before. Why, you might discover that you love them in their new DIY state more, than you did in the original!

There are so many types of items you can DIY this way. This is also an excellent project to make and sell. Some items you’ll easily find for free, such as old tires or furniture. Do remember no matter how you’ve found the item – whether it is at the local thrift store, tag sale, someone gives it to you or you get it for free, make sure it is in high quality and good shape. Because whether you and your family are going to use it, or you are going to sell it, you want to be sure that it can be used for a long time, with no worries to wear and tear.

If you are new to a DIY project that interests you, such as woodworking, then ask a friend to help you at least with the first project that you do. We’ve got 41 great projects here for repurposed items, that look way better than the original. Make one or a few, we know you’ll get lots of compliments on your handiwork!

DIY Herb Garden Using Soda Cans

Its easy to start a mini herb garden indoors. Just grab a couple of empty soda cans!

From Grillo-Designs

Scrap Wood Jewelry Shelf

Have leftover pieces of wood from DIY projects? Don’t toss them, make something from them.

From MyRepurposedLife

DIY TV Stand Makeover

Turn a dresser into a TV stand. Its easy with this DIY.

From HandiMania

No Strain to Hang Vintage Colander Planter

Here is a sweet and old fashioned planter. Make from a vintage colander.

From SadieSeasonGoods

DIY Faux Succulent Garden

You can make this using dollar store frames. Doesn’t it look pretty?

From MyAnythingAndEverything

How to Turn an Old Bookshelf into a Kitchen Island

Don’t get rid of that old bookshelf! Instead, turn it into a great kitchen island. Depending on the design of the bookshelf, you could even turn it into a breakfast bar, and add some fancy breakfast bar stools!

From LittleGlassJar

Dresser to TV Stand

This dresser was DIY-ed into a great TV stand. Its the perfect project.

From TwoItYourself

Artwork Frame Chalkboard

Have a vintage frame? Make it into a DIY chalkboard.

From MyRepurposedLife

How to Repurpose a Picture Into a Tray

Don’t toss out old picture frames. You can DIY them into trays.

From SweetThings

DIY Frame Shelf

Doesn’t this look sophisticated? Stylish frame shelves you’ve DIY.

From Shanty-2-Chic

Dresser Turned Bench

What a charming bench. Isn’t this a sweet DIY?

From CreateInspireMe

Table Organizer

Have a big picture frame you don’t use. Its the perfect desk or table organizer, so pretty!

From WishfulTinker

Transforming Rusty Old Bar Cart

Have an old bar cart? Why not DIY it so you can use it outdoors?

From LoveAndRenovations

DIY Dog Bed from a Recycled Tire

Want to spoil your puppy? Make them a dog bed from a tire.

From PracticallyFunctional

Once Upon a Time

Here is a large photo frame. Its been repurposed to hold many photos.

From TaliaChristine

Old Desk Turned into Two Night Stands

If you have an old desk here is a great DIY. Make it into 2 night stands.

From RealityDaydream

Repurposed Serving Tray

Isn’t this tray perfect for sewing projects now? Its a great DIY.

From AnastasiaVintage

Whiskey Bottles with Vintage Pulley

Lighting fixtures don’t have to be boring. These are quite fun!

From IdLights

DIY Tiered Tray

A couple of thrift store frames can become this pretty tray. Look at what a great DIY this is.

From WhatTreasuresAwait

Play Kitchen

Do you have an old cabinet? Its easy to turn it into a play kitchen for your kids.

From EasyPeasyPie

Wine bottles

Have empty wine bottles? Make them into pretty drinking glasses!

From Etsy.com by celinybite

DIY Mini Pond from Old Tire

Give your garden an upgrade with a mini pond. If you have an old tire, its easy to do.

From ICreativeIdeas


Make Cute Toadstools For Your Garden

Have old tires? Its easy to make cute toadstools like these.

From Grillo-Designs

Entry Bench

This is made from 2 old doors. It goes in the entrance of a home.

From Friendly-Home

Tire Chair for Your Room Decor

Perfect for your kids’ rooms or the playroom. If you have tires these are easy to make.

From ALittleCraftInYourDay

Make a DIY Pencil Holder from Bricks

Have extra red bricks? You can make fun pencil holders from them.

From Grillo-Designs

Repurposing Old Tires into Chicken Baths

Raising backyard chickens? Make your old tires into chicken baths.

From WeedEmAndReap

Recycled Wine Bottle Chandelier

Want a lighting fixture that gets lots of compliments? Take a look at this one.

From Etsy by IndustrialLightworks

Building a Repurposed Windows Greenhouse

This began with bargain $5 windows and look at it now. Here is a stunning greenhouse.

From OurFairfieldHomeAndGarden

DIY Suitcase Shelves

Want shelves that get lots of compliments? Take a look at these fun suitcase shelves.

From Grillo-Designs


An Exclusive Lamp Good Mason Jar Light Fixture

Love Mason jars? Take a look at this light fixture.

From TheLampGoods

My Bedroom

Looking for a rustic style headboard? Try 2 doors that are repurposed.

From DreamyWhites

DIY Bathroom Cabinet

An old window can become a stylish bathroom cabinet. Look at how great it is for your bathroom.

From LizMarieBlog

Nursery School Playground

What a fun playfort! Made from 4 old doors.

From EarthscapePlay

DIY Recycled Shrinky Dinks

Want to make shrinky dinks? If you have plastic leftover containers, then you’re ready to do it!

From AsForMeAndMyHomestead

Hanging Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Have old unmatched china cups? Your birds would be thrilled if you used them as feeders.

From BustedButton

Bi Fold Doors Bookcase

What a terrific bookcase. Make from repurposed doors.

From MyRepurposedLife


This blogger bought old window frames and made a greenhouse. That’s great DIY!

From TheDoodleHouse

Repurposed door as table

Did you know an old door can make a great table? Take a look at this beauty!

From DirtStainsAndPaint

DIY Self Watering Wine Bottle Planter

Want self watering plants? Try this unique DIY project.

From CheapCrafting, image from Etsy

Build a Cold Frame

That old window frame could easily make a great cold frame. This is a good way to save money too!

From GrowGardenTomatoes