44 Cool DIY Bookends That Are Easy to Make

If you’re looking for DIY projects to make and sell, we recommend you take a second look at bookends! For starters, this is a great project especially for beginning DIY-ers. Projects are also small (hey, they’re bookends!), so you can complete them in an hour or a weekend for ones that have lots of steps like with paint to dry.

The secret to making cool bookends is to doing something….unexpected. You want to create bookends that will make people look twice and have them thing that’s something totally unique to make a bookend out of. Start by thinking of who would buy your bookends. Are they for children, adults, people to use at work or for people with a specific hobby or interest? Then start brainstorming on what would make your bookends extra cool.

Always remember that for bookends to work, they need to be able to support books that lean on them to stand up. Its not enough to have 2 cute things standing a bit apart from each other. They need a sturdy stand or something else that is firm about them to handle the weight of books.

One of the things that makes this a great DIY project to make and sell is that this is not just something people will buy for themselves but also as a gift. They make great housewarming gifts for a new home.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our 44 totally cool DIY bookends, we know you can make them! Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Animal Bookends

Adorable and unique, here are a fun pair of bookends. Why, they will easily stand out on your bookshelf.

By LifeOverEasy

Bookends Recycled Records

These are super hip bookends! Check out how recycled records are transformed into bookends.

From Etsy.com by Vinylux

The Thinker Bookends

Know the classic sculpture the Thinker? Here are bookends inspired by it!

From Etsy.com by ReneesRetro

Wonder Woman bookend

Like superheroes? Here is a fun bookend for your bookcase.

From Etsy.com by KatansDesigns

DIY Striped Bookends Like West Elm

Love the West Elm look? Make your own with these fun bookends!

From PrettyProvence

Agate Book Ends

Natural rock makes a stunning book end. This is something that will always get lots of compliments.

From Etsy.com by RockParadise

UFO Abduction Metal Art Bookends

Here is a unique set of bookends. If you like UFOs then check them out!

From Etsy.com by KnobCreekMetalArts

How to Make Dinosaur Bookends

What’s great about this dino bookend set is the animal is so big! It makes the bookends look fun and really stand out.

From APinterestAddict

Vinyl Record Bookends

What’s fun about this is that they are the big LPs! They give your bookcase a great look too.

From Etsy.com by DIYMike

Hand Figurines Bookends

Here are fun bookends. They are perfect for your office or home office too.

From Etsy.com by hodihomedecor

Metal Bookends Reading Fox

Here is a charming set of bookends. They are perfect for a children’s room.

From Etsy.com by DesignAtelierArticle

DIY Superhero Bookends

Make these superhero bookends, they are popular with the young and the young at heart. Remember there are so many superheros to choose from!

From LittleRedWindow

Chicago skyline bookends

If you live or lived in Chicago then these are the bookends for you. You’ll think of your favorite city each time you look at them.

From Etsy.com by haagmade

DIY Brick Bookends

Look a little closer at these bricks – they look like books! These are a very popular, cool style for bookends and inexpensive to make too.

From HumanBehaviorBlog

Medium HorseShoe Book Ends

Love horses? Here are terrific bookends to choose.

From Etsy.com by CarraroCreations

Metal Bookends Golden Gate Bridge

Love San Francisco? Check out these great bookends!

From Etsy.com by DesignAtelierArticle

DIY Arrow Bookends

This is a set of bookends that will make anyone smile. Unique and fun looking.

From LovelyETC

Fox Bookends

These are sweet bookends ideal for a child’s room or a nursery. They are made from wood and are hand-painted.

From Etsy.com by MapleShadeKids

DIY Spotted Horse Bookends

Love horses? A lot of people do, that’s why they’ll adore these bookends!

From TwelveOEightBlog

Nautical rope bookend

Here is a great bookend style. Especially for a beach or lake house.

From Etsy.com by highplainsknotwork

DIY Painted Animal Bookends

Here are some charming and fun bookends for young and old. Paint them in your favorite color!

From HGTV 

Iron Pipe Book Ends

Here are unique book ends, made from iron pipe ends. These are a great addition to any home.

From Etsy.com by countrycornergoods

Easy DIY Dipped Brick Bookends

This is one of the new bookend trends. Best of all, with the paint color you can customize them to your home’s decor.

From AtHomeInLove

DIY Lava Rock Bookends

These bookends are both unique and very natural. Who wouldn’t want lava rocks as bookends?

From PrettyProvence

Industrial Pipe Bookend

Here is a unique bookend, made from industrial pipe. Its eco friendly too.

From Etsy.com by BlackIronIndustrial 

DIY Cement Bookends

Here is a simple but stylish pair of bookends that you can make. They’re also strong enough to hold heavy books, like big hardbacks too.

From PrettyProvence

Lovely Letter Bookends

Like monogramming? Here are some fun bookends that are easy to make.

From OneGoodThingByJillee

Easy DIY A to Z Bookends

This is a classic type of bookend, especially for a child’s room or a family room. Here is a simple DIY project to make them.

From AtHomeInLove

Stained Mountain Bookends

These are charming for a child’s room or even a family room. Especially if you live near the mountains.

From Etsy.com by SpilledMilkDesigns

DIY Telephone Bookends

Love those vintage phones? Why not make them into fun bookends?

From ABeautifulMess

DIY bookends for kids room

Don’t these put a smile on your face? Not only the cute dogs, but the cheerful blue color too.

From DishMonUSA 

DIY Honeybear Bookends

These bookends are charming and fun. Perfect for a little one’s room or for anyone who is young at heart.

From PrettyProvidence

DIY Glass Vase Bookends

These are bookends that are sure to get a lot of compliments. They are also ideal for beginners to DIY too.

From HomemadeModernBlog

DIY Baseball Bookend

Here is a great bookend, ideal for any baseball or softball fan. Its also the perfect beginner DIY project too!

From ModPodgeRocks

How to Make Unique Bookends

Give old action figures a new life. They can hold up heavy schoolbooks with just one finger!

From CanadianFamily

Easy to Make License Plate Bookend

Have old license plates? Why not make them into bookends?

From FunInTheMaking

Star Wars vintage style STAT bookends

Star Wars fan? Then you’ve got to check out this great set of bookends!

From Etsy.com by sixthingsshop

Style a Shelf with Succulent Bookends

Here are unique bookends that are also living plants. Best of all, they are super easy to care for.


From CountryLiving

Nut and bolt bookends

Did you know you can make bookends out of found objects? Look at how great these bookends are!

From Etsy.com by TayloredIronWorks

DIY These Glam Bookends

Here are glittery bookends that are pretty simple to make. This is a fun beginner project to do with teens.

From Refinery29

Concrete quotation marks bookends

These are perfect bookends for the office. Quirky and fun!

From Etsy.com by GreyByTal

DIY Animal Bookends

Here are quirky and fun bookends you can make out of inexpensive plastic animals. Perfect for an animal lover.

From SmartGirlStyle 

Karate Bookends

Like karate? Here is a fun pair of bookends.

From Etsy.com by Just4theArtofit

Dinosaur Bookends

Know a little kid or adult who likes dinos? Here is a fun set of bookends to make them!

From DoodleCraftBlog