48 DIY Decorating Ideas for a Little Girl’s Room


If you are a DIY fan and you have kids, then we can tell you that one of the best projects you can do is to make things for them! We’ve found you 48 little girl’s room decorating ideas, to make your lil’ princess’ room look perfect. There are projects here for beginners to try, or for more advanced DIY-ers, something for everyone. There’s also something here for every budget. Even if you only have about $100 to spend, simply adding a fresh coat of paint and/or doing a simple mural on your child’s walls can give the room a totally fresh and unique look!

For the DIY Mom, Dad or Grandparents, we recommend asking your child for their opinion. Ask them what their favorite colors are.

If you are doing a mural or custom stickers that includes animals (like ones you can get from Foam Core Print), be sure to ask them what their favorite animals are, so you can include them.. One of the best things about DIY is that you can easily customize and make home decor projects exactly what you are looking for, not simply what is available in the stores. If your child comes up with a fun, over-the-top idea that is beyond your mural painting skills, try asking family and friends for help to see if you can create something that is similar to what they are hoping for. Most likely, because the mural or DIY is being made just for the child, they will be happy with the results even if they are less than perfect, it truly is the “thought that counts.”


If you do a complete DIY of the room, we recommend getting an estimate of how long this will take. We know any parent does not want their child staying or playing in a room that is being painted, having furniture created and the floor refinished or a rug added, etc.. Make plans for your child to stay in another part of the home or apartment and be sure to find good space for their toys and necessities so they have everything they need while the project is going on.


This is a great DIY project to do, especially to celebrate a birthday for your little girl. Happy DIY-ing!

Pink Butterfly Princess Toddler Bedroom

Any little girl would adore this room, fit for a princess! Its simply pretty in pink!

By PopSugar.com

Ashley Muir Bruhn

This little girl’s room has plenty of play spaces. Look at the great cubbies to hold toys!

From DesignMom

Step Right Up to The Wall O Fun

Adding a play area to a little girl’s room is a terrific idea. Its perfect for playdates and quiet play too.

From YoungHouseLove

Modern Fringe Blankets

Yes, the modern blanket is very sweet, but look at the entire little girl’s room. Isn’t it like a fairytale?

From OhHappyPlay

Girls Night Light

Here is a sweet night light for a little girl’s bedroom. Isn’t this adorable?

From Etsy by StayAtHomeRN

Places for Children to Sleep Play and Enjoy Childhood

Here is a sweet little girl’s room. Look at the charming heart garland.

From DecoracionBebes

Secret Toy Storage

Wonder how some Mom’s keep everything so neat? Its secret toy storage in their kids’ rooms. Take a look at this room.

From OhMyDearBlog

A Garden Grows in Brooklyn

Adding a feature wall in a child’s room can be like a mural and a bit more simple. A teepee overs a fun playspace.

From Domino

Totoro themed room

Look at how adorable this custom painted room is for a young child! With a bit of time and effort, you too can create something like this too.

From Flickr by MrMuel

Just Like a Fairy Tale

Storage in some kids’ rooms can be hard. Look at how well this little girl’s closet is organized.

From LandOfNod

Finleys Colorful Eclectic Nursery

This is a fun, charming room a little girl can grow up in. Lots of light and playspace.

From TheLittleUmbrella

Mermaid Wall Decal

Does your little girl love Ariel the Mermaid and all things about the sea? Why not add this wall decal, or create a mermaid themed mural?

From Etsy by GetCreativeStudios

Nursery Block Decor

Aren’t these sweet? Add these to your little girl’s room, spell out her name or a phrase like “I Love You”.

From Etsy by TarasBlocks

Camilla Lundsten’s House

What an adorable giraffe! This is a very sweet young child’s room.

From MilkMagazine

Little Girls Bedroom Mural

This floral and contemporary little girl’s bedroom is complete with a simple mural. This is a great beginner’s project too!

From JustAGirl

Mandi Johnson

Vintage toys give a little girl’s bedroom a unique look. The modern style bookcase is a fun way to store books too.

From DesignMom

Greta’s Not So Big Girl Room

Here is a sweet looking room for your little girl. Look at the heart wall decor.

From ApartmentTherapy

Bedroom Lamp

This is a fun DIY to make for your little girl’s room. A perfect project for beginners too.

From Instructables


Read Me a Story Wood Sign

Look at how adorable this wood sign is. Its perfect for your little girl’s room.

From Etsy by Wildflower Loft

Emily Coulter

In a room for 2 little girls, why not add bunk beds? They are a great space saver and are a real classic for kids rooms too!

From DesignMom

Une Chambre D’Enfant Noire

Here is a unique little girl’s bedroom, with chalkboard walls! Such a fun place to play and be creative!

From Turbluences-Deco

Josh Bingham

This room has lots of space for clothes and toys, with a big bureau and vanity. An old fashioned fan on the ceiling keeps it cool in the summertime.

From DesignMom

Hollys DIY Delight

What a sweet room for a little girl. It has cubbies, perfect for keeping small toys in.


By ApartmentTherapy

Iris Dettwiler

Here is a sweet little girl’s room. Look at the space for puppet and doll playing.

From DesignMom

Personalized Mermaid Quote Print

Isn’t this adorable? Its perfect for the little girl who loves fairytales and mermaids.

From Etsy by Firstepimages

Elizabeth Brantley

Sometimes the vintage look is what looks best. This vintage dresser, with vintage paint colors combines for a great look for a little girl’s bedroom.

From DesignMom

Bedroom Porthole

Have active and adventerous girls? Add this fun porthole to their room!

From Instructables

Little Girls Bedroom Wall Decor

This wall art is so much fun because it is 3D! Flowers, butterflies and more!

From Etsy by MoncraftWallArt

DIY Felt Flower Garland

Isn’t this sweet? Its easy to make one for your little girl’s bedroom.

From CraftAholicsAnonymous

Sweet Girl’s Room

A sweet girl’s room all in pink with glowy butterflies. Its simply adorable!

From ApartmentTherapy

Girl’s Room in Bloom

This little girl’s room is sweet in pastel colors. With a canopy bed.

From ApartmentTherapy 

Emily Henderson Transforms a Playroom with the Pillowfort Kids Decor Collection from Target

Doesn’t this look happy and fun? The whole room is done from the Pillowfort collection from Target.

By RueMag

A Dreamy Girls Haven

This little girl’s room has a vanity, perfect for playing dress up. Stuffed animals are organized in a big cloth basket too.

From ApartmentTherapy

Typography Wall Art for Kids

Encourage your little girl to remember her numbers or ABCs with educational wall art. Look at how cute this is!

From BurlapAndBlue

Ava’s Big Girl Room

Bright and colorful, this is the perfect choice when you don’t want a “princess pink” style of little girl room. Look at how well toys are organized too!

From ApartmentTherapy

The Home of Fashion Designer Ariane Goldman

Be sure to make a space where your little girl can play with friends in her room and be creative. This simple space is also easy to clean up!

From Blog.Jelanieshop

Natalie’s Candy Colored Big Girl Room

Isn’t this sweet? A room that has 2 dollhouses and bright, candy-like colors.

From ApartmentTherapy

Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

Isn’t this little girl’s bedroom sweet? Its simply pretty in pink.

From Magment.com

Clara’s Airy Big Girl Room

What a perfect room for a little girl. Especially the personalized pillows!

From ApartmentTherapy

Childs Teepee

Every child’s room should have fun play spaces, like this teepee. Its perfect for playing games and reading stories.

By CharlotteLovey

Pleated Fabric Flowers Tutorial

What little girl doesn’t love flowers? Now you can make flowers easily to “bloom” in her room year round.

From CraftAholicsAnonymous

Spool Kids Book Nook

Eco-friendly, this wooden spool is now a kids book nook. Perfect for storytime!

At OurHouseNowAHome

A Big Girl Room Full of Color and Life

Look at the lovely birds, flying across the feature wall! This is a bright, colorful girl’s room.

From ApartmentTherapy

Toddler Chic Bedroom Makeover

Who says a toddler’s room can’t be decorator chic? Well, they haven’t seen this makeover!

From ACraftedPassion

The Land of Make Believe

Isn’t this precious? A room just like a fairytale.

From ProjectNursery

DIY Rag Rug

A rag rug is a great addition to your little girl’s room. Best of all, you can make it in her favorite colors.

By CraftAholicsAnonymous

You Are So Loved

Made with an embroidery hoop, this is sweet wall art for a little girl’s room. Every parent wants to let their child know they are loved.

From Etsy by bethcolletti

5 Benefits of Floor Beds for Toddlers

Make this simple floor bed for your toddler, when they are ready to outgrow their crib. Its perfect for boys and girls.

By BurlapAndBlue