52 Shoe Makeovers – Ideas You Can Do

Psst! Want to update your style? If you are a DIY fan, no longer do you have to go out to the local mall or click your mouse at popular online clothing and shoe stores – you can simply create the styles you long for. It might surprise you, but even a beginning DIY-er can do terrific shoe makeovers that will get praise, compliments and envious looks!

We’ve found you 52 great projects to try. So whether you are going to a wedding, special event, its a workday or you are just “out and about”, there’s a pair of shoes for you to DIY. Some projects involve sewing, painting or even woodburning. So our tip for you is that if a project has a DIY topic that is new to you, give it a “test drive” before you do it on that favorite pair of shoes you want to bling out!

What will also make you smile is that some inventive DIYers have even created “designer inspired” shoe makeovers. So if you’ve always longed for a pair of Jimmy Choos and they don’t fit into your budget, now you can DIY a pair that you’ll adore.


DIY-ing is a great way to refresh an old or outdated pair of shoes or simply update them to go with a new outfit. Happy DIY-ing! Looking for nice work shoes, see more.

DIY Disco Pom Pom Shoes

Going out dancing? You’re going to want to make these DIY shoes!

By HonestlyWTF

DIY Shoes Pretty T Strap Pumps with Ankle Bows

Aren’t these sweet? Make these for your next party or special event.

By LoveMaegan 

Neon Shoes DIY and Painting Leather

Want attention getting shoes? Here is a fantastic shoe DIY project!

From LoveMaegan

Save the Date Wedding Shoes

Always remember your wedding date with these lovely high heels. Forever & Always!

From Etsy.com by EllieWrenWeddingShoe

Super Easy Neon Jimmy Choos

Want shoes that really pop? Try these Jimmy Choose inspired one!

By CheapChicObsession

Super Easy DIY Leather Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

Love gladiator sandals? Take a look at this DIY project!

From LoveMaegan

DIY Shoes Gold Serpent T Strap Sandals

Now these are shoes that get lots of compliments. Unique and pretty!

From LoveMaegan

DIY Wedding Shoe Stickers

Adding stickers may seem like kids’ play, but today’s technology makes it a lot more elegant for your DIY shoes. You can add accents to your wedding, special event or everyday shoes to make them stylish and fun.

DIY Woodburned 70s 90s Floral Wood Platform Wedges

These fun wedges are a total throwback! Easy to DIY too!

From LoveMaegan

By SomethingTurquoise 

DIY Glitter Cap Toe Shoes

This is a fun shoe DIY for kids or adults alike. Make flats or heels more stylish and fun!

From LoveMaegan

Easy DIY Neon Pumps

Here’s a way to make your favorite shoes really stand out. A touch of neon!

From KayTivsTheWorld

Fabric Covered Shoes

Here is a great DIY, whether casual or dressy shoes. Fabric easily makes shoes compliment your wardrobe.

From DeliaCreates

DIY Brian Atwood Flower Sandals

Feminine and floral, these are the perfect wedding shoes. Best of all, you can DIY them too!

From LoveMaegan

DIY Prada Inspired Platform Sneakers

These aren’t just any sneakers. Why not make them look Prada inspired?

By APairAndASpare

Cap Toe Shoes to Cat Shoes

So cute! Why not make a pair for you and then also for your kids to wear!

From Instructables

DIY Dolce and Gabbana Gold Jewel Embellished Shoes

Love designer inspired shoes? Give this DIY shoe project a try!

At LoveMaegan

Wedding shoes gold champagne

These are embellished with lovely lace. The perfect look for any wedding or special event.

From Etsy.com by beccaandlouise 

Dorothys Shoes

Remember Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz? Now you can DIY shoes, just like hers!

At PostGradCrafts

DIY Ruffle Shoes

These ruffle shoes are a very popular trend now. You can DIY a pair of them!

At LoveMaegan

Dr Who Wedding Shoes

Big Dr Who fan about to say “I do”? Take a lot at these stunning dress shoes!

From Etsy.com by EllieWrenWeddingShoe

Rainbow Shoes

Perfect for a day out in the sun or just to make you smile. Try making these DIY shoes.

By Instructables 

Wonderwoman High Heel Shoes

Now who doesn’t like Wonderwoman? Now you can feel like her at your next party or event in your heels!

From Etsy.com by LouLousMakes 

My DIY Studded Kitten Heels

Wow! This is a great DIY pair of shoes. Perfect for going out.

From ISpyDiy

Blue Satin Shoes Dotted Ruffles DIY

Love ruffle shoes? Try making this DIY pair!

From LoveMaegan

DIY couture wedding shoes

Are you getting ready to say “I do”? Take a look at these stylish couture-like wedding shoes.

From Instructables

Tuxedo Bow

Here is a stylish way to upgrade your favorite pair of shoes. This is a simple project, ideal for beginners too.

At PawleyIsIslandPosh

Party Shoe Shoes

Need super glam shoes for your next party? Give these DIY shoes a try.

From Instructables

Shoes That Quak

Like ducks? Make shoes that quak!

From Instructables 

DIY Painted Something Blue Shoe Soles

If you are saying “I do” then this is a cute way to have your “something blue” on your way down the aisle. Paint the soles of your shoes blue!

From SomethingTurquoise

DIY Blue Ruffle Shoes

Stylish and fun. This is a great accent to make for high heels, especially high heeled sandals.

From LoveMaegan

Sequin Shoe Shoes

Now these are shoes that will get lots of compliments. Make these for your next party or special event.

From Instructables 

Custom Painted Leather Shoes

So stylish. Look at these lovely flowers, how they make your shoes look so pretty!

From Etsy.com by handcraftedgifts

Googly Shoes

What fun! These are shoes that will surely make everyone smile.

By Instructables 

English Rose Shoe Shoes

Charming and sweet, these are the perfect shoes for a party. A fun pair of DIY shoes to make.

By Instructables 

Shoe Makeover Lace Heels Tutorial

Want to give your heels a makeover? Why not add a touch of lace?

DIY Printed Pumps

This is a great project for beginners. A terrific way to re-fresh a pair of shoes you like too.

From AdventuresInFashion

Designer Bollywood Indian Shoes

The pattern on these is bright and colorful. Try this style to get so many compliments!


Rhinestone Heeled Pumps

Wow! What a great statement shoe for the dance floor. Great high heels to DIY.

From MakingItWithDanielle

DIY Alexander Wang Inspired Gladiator Sandals

Want the designer look for your stylish sandals. Give this DIY project a try!

From APairAndASpareDIY

DIY Lace Up Heels Red Pumps w Chevron Ric Rac Trim

Stylish and fun. Don’t these remind you of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz?

From LoveMaegan

Chic and Fashionable Wedding Shoes Idea

Say “I do” in shoes that are glamorous. Try DIYing these!

From weddbook

DIY Lace Shoes Tutorial

Perfect for special events. Look at how beautiful these lace shoes are!

From AFocusedBride

A Little Weekend DIY Bedazzled Shoes

Here is a great project, showing you how to easily put crystals on to your shoes. Crystals make any pair of shoes look so much more elegant.

From Temptalia

Embellished Ankle Straps

Here is a way to make your wedge shoes with straps really pop! This is an easy project, ideal for beginner DIY-ers.

From Miss-Kris

DIY Colored Soles

Stylish and fun, this is a great DIY project for your favorite heels. Make them look like designer shoes.

From FashionLush

DIY Sexy Spikey Pumps

Here are shoes that will surely get attention. Perfect for a party or special event.

Located at Instructables

DIY Glitter Heels

A touch of glam and a bit of glitter. Perfect to dance the night away!

At Something Turquoise


All Laced Up Heels

Stylish with a touch of lace at the heels. The perfect accent for your favorite pair of shoes.

From Kollabora

Tribal Heels

Perfect to follow trends. Try making these tribal heels!

At FollowFashion

From MomSpark 

Comic Book High Heels

Pow! Wow! Look at these high heels, decorated with favorite comic books.

From Welke

Checkerboard High Heels

This project uses houndstooth fabric. What a classic and trendy look!

At Zszywka