Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband)

accessory-diy-tutorial-wire-headband-bendable-hairband-with-checked-pattern-hairbandAs some of you have given me valuable tips for the “Wire Headband” and Sascha even posted a video tutorial

on my Facebook page, it came clear to me that I have to craft a homemade copy of a hair band with wire frame. Said and done! With my first headband I made it myself very easily and converted a fabric belt from Asos to a headband. Because that worked so easy, now I have crafted a second hairband from a checked fabric.

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The Wearing Feeling

First I initially “bound” the wire headband slightly firmer, which had the consequence after about half an hour the wires felt quite uncomfortable and I got a headache. So I loosened the hair band a little and the headache was gone. Now I had a few days to test the hair band and can say that wearing it feels really good. Although I tie it fairly loose, it actually does not slip from the head (as most bonded hair bands do). Thus it is clear to me that I’ll tinker even more DIY Wire Headbands for my friends and me.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband) - Material and Tools: fabric belt, craft wire, adhesive tape, scissors, pliers, sewing kit, machine

  1. Fabric belt, hair towel or fabric
  2. Craft or floral wire (the tip with the floral wire comes from “sille-palle” – Thank you for that!)
  3. Adhesive tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Pliers
  6. Sewing kit / sewing machine

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1 Cut The Fabric

Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband) Cut the fabric (DIY-step 1)


If you use a fabric tape for your hairband, cut two about 30 x 3 in (76 x 8 cm) (including seam allowance) wide strips of cloth and put them with the outer sides on each other. If you like me take a fabric belt for your DIY project, cut the locks off and shorten the fabric to the desired length. The same also applies for narrow scarves.

DIY Step 2 Sew The Headband On Three Sides

Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband) - Sew the headband on three sides (DIY step 2)

Turn the fabric to the left and sew it on three sides. Since my fabric belt was slightly wider on one side, I had to adjust the width.

DIY Step 3 Bend The Wire

Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband) Bend the wire - diy-step 3


Bend the wire to form a rectangle with the dimensions of the sewn fabric sleeve. Check here that the sewn hair band can still stretched taut over the wire frame. Then cut off the excess wire with addition of few inches.

DIY Step 4 Pull The Headband Over The Wire Frame

DIY-step 4 pull headband over wire frame - Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband)

Turn the headband inside out again and now finally pull it over the wire frame. On both lower corners sew the fabric band with a few stitches to the inner wire frame, so the fabric will stay fixed on the wire.

DIY Step 5 Secure The Wire Ends With Tape

DIY Step 5 - secure wire ends with tape Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband)

Twist in both wire ends for several times with the pliers and encase this occlusion multiple with the adhesive tape.

DIY Step 6 Finally Sewing Of The Headband

Finally sewing of the headband - step 6 Accessory DIY Tutorial: Wire Headband (Flexible Hairband)

Finally sew together the last openings of the hair band and with some stitches fix the inner wire frame again with the hair band corners. DONE!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Wire Headband”