DIY: Tribal print iPhone case

DIY: Tribal print iPhone case
DIY: Tribal print iPhone case ✪ Are you seeing lots of this type of pattern lately? It’s either called the Aztec print or the tribal print! It’s the one of the ‘It’ trends this season since it’s the perfect mix of color and fun which is perfect for the summer! (especially here in Manila!) I wanted a hint of this awesome print with me everywhere, so what better way to do that, is to place it in your very own iPhone case! 🙂 Here’s my take on the Aztec inspired iPhone case!  This was my awesome finished product! Didn’t expect it to look like this!!! 🙂
le inspiration which costs $40 each! The messed up, crooked lines create the effect! 🙂
What you’ll need: 
Look for your colored permanent sharpie markers because they’re the only thing that’ll put your patterns to life!
 A matte white iPhone case (or a blackberry case if you’re on BBM)
Any type of ruler. I used a Protractor so it won’t be too long, rulers are sometimes hard to work with!
How did I do it? 
Don’t be scared to start it! Just think of it as drawing on a normal, white paper! 🙂
Think of any design and be creative with it! The first few patterns can be
overwhelming but as you move on to the middle part,
sometimes you just run out of ideas of what to do next! Haha! 🙂
Remember, for this DIY, the more the details, the better! But I’m warning you,
you’ll need a lot.. A LOT.. of patience because this takes time to finish, but
I assure you that when it’s done, you’ll love the result! 🙂
You can also apply clear nail polish to make it shiny & last longer
Side view & top view of the finished product.
Make sure you extend until the sides and the top of the case! 🙂
(isn’t it obvious I’m addicted to these types of prints? Look at my lock screen! haha!)
It isn’t even dry yet, but I’m already super excited to use my newly made iPhone case!
Surely, I won’t have to worry about having the same case as someone else.
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