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40 DIY Rugs to Keep You Cozy

Do you like home decor DIY? Well, we've got a terrific project for you to try: rug making! The biggest secret to it is this - rugs are actually quite simple to make, most of the time. But they look really fantastic & your friends and family will be super impressed that you did it all by yourself. One of the best things about this DIY project is that you can easily … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Rugs to Keep You Cozy

40 DIY Lampshade Projects

Do you want to refresh a room in your home? Well, we have a top DIY secret to share with you! The #1 way to do this & save money is to DIY both your pillows and lampshades. Both of these projects are quite budget friendly but also are quickly noticed by anyone who comes into your home. Even if they are there all the time, like an extended family member who lives in the same … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Lampshade Projects

40 DIY Indoor Privacy Screens

Hey! Do you want to create more space or privacy in a room? You're not alone - many homeowners face this challenge. Whether you have a large living room area that also works as your dining room too, and you'd like a separation between them. Or you have a home office that's located in a room and you'd like a bit of privacy for your workspace. Or perhaps too much sunlight comes … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Indoor Privacy Screens

40 Easy DIY Headboard Ideas for a Stylish Bedroom

Want a bed that looks great? Here's a DIY that is actually pretty simple and easy. A beginner can tackle this with confidence, knowing that the results they get will look polished and professional. Most beds simply look better with a headboard. You'll see 40 terrific projects here that you can DIY, for a great headboard. Whether you'd like to make one out of wood or fabric, … [Read more...] about 40 Easy DIY Headboard Ideas for a Stylish Bedroom