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40 DIY Homemade Fire Pits

When the leaves start to turn bright colors and there's a crispness in the air, DIY-ers' start to think about....homemade fire pits! Now, if this DIY is brand new to you, then you are in for a real treat. Making a fire pit is fun and something that your family and friends will truly enjoy. This is a DIY you can enjoy nearly all year-round, well, depending on what part of the … [Read more...] about 40 DIY Homemade Fire Pits

40 Stamped or Stenciled Stepping Stones

Hey! Does your walkway or garden have stepping stones? Now, this is a great DIY project we know you're going to want to give a try. Best of all, it's also great fun for families and even older kids can do this DIY with a bit of supervision. There are quite a few different ways you can make compliment-worthy stamped or stencil stepping stones. Some may prefer to make an … [Read more...] about 40 Stamped or Stenciled Stepping Stones

40 Homemade Wind Chimes

Hey! Do you enjoy being outdoors? Or simply sitting on your front porch, visiting with your neighbors? We have a great DIY project for you: making homemade wind chimes. One of the best things about DIY wind chimes is that you will receive many compliments. Everyone who comes to your home will notice the beautiful sound they make and also just how pretty they are. You can … [Read more...] about 40 Homemade Wind Chimes

40 Fancy Treehouses and Playhouses

Want to make a treehouse or playhouse? This is a great DIY project, especially if you have kids or grandkids. They will have hours and days of fun in this space, playing with their friends and having adventures that you simply don't have with video games or other electronics that have become so popular now. Best of all, creating a custom made treehouse or playhouse lets you DIY … [Read more...] about 40 Fancy Treehouses and Playhouses

48 DIY Decorating Ideas for a Little Girl’s Room

If you are a DIY fan and you have kids, then we can tell you that one of the best projects you can do is to make things for them! We've found you 48 little girl's room decorating ideas, to make your lil' princess' room look perfect. There are projects here for beginners to try, or for more advanced DIY-ers, something for everyone. There's also something here for every budget. … [Read more...] about 48 DIY Decorating Ideas for a Little Girl’s Room