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DIY Samurai Hat – Jingasa

Samurai Sunhat Do you want a nice sunhat like the ones worn in Ninja Scroll or as worn by Ryū Kagami? Why not make your own? It’s not that hard. All you need is a little time and patience. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain how I made my very own Jingasa. BUT Before we start: SAFETY FIRST!! Please respect the tools you work with and keep your hands and your lungs safe by … [Read more...] about DIY Samurai Hat – Jingasa

40 Simple DIY Projects for Kids to Make

Looking for fun crafts to try with your kids and grandchildren? We've found you 40 terrific and simple DIY projects you'll want to do together as a family. Whether your child likes arts & crafts or science experiments, we've got great projects just for you. Some will teach an educational point about science and others can be a fun gift to make for grandparents or friends. … [Read more...] about 40 Simple DIY Projects for Kids to Make

40 Fun and Fantastic Paper Plate Crafts

Do you have paper plates? If so, then you're in luck! We've found you 40 fun paper plate craft projects to try. What may surprise you most about these paper plate crafts is that you can make just about anything you can imagine, with a little effort. From a spaceship, a princess crown and a zoo full of cute animals! Toddlers and older children enjoy paper plate crafts. If you … [Read more...] about 40 Fun and Fantastic Paper Plate Crafts

40 Fun and Creative Handprint Crafts

Some crafts are quite simple but very special. That's one of the best ways to describe handprint crafts. When you take a moment or an afternoon to create handprint crafts as a family, you are not only having a fun time but also often making a keepsake that will be treasured for years and years. Just like photos of your adorable baby or child and family, those cute handprints … [Read more...] about 40 Fun and Creative Handprint Crafts

40 Tutorials on How to Origami a Zoo

Looking for a new craft? Give origami a try! We've got 40 fun how to origami projects for you - from zoo animals, animals you'd keep as pets, insects, flowers and even containers you could put a gift or a treasure in. One of the best things about origami is that you can start as a beginner and still be challenged as an advanced crafter. This is also a fun craft to do with kids. … [Read more...] about 40 Tutorials on How to Origami a Zoo