How to Make a Cheerio Bird-Feeder

Do you have pipe cleaners, Cheerios, and string in your house right now? If so, you and your kids can easily make a fun Valentine’s Day bird-feeder. (I don’t suppose the birds in your backyard are really expecting much this February 14th, but I’ll bet your kids will enjoy making it for them anyway!)

Picture 4


First, bend several pipe cleaners into a “V” shape and string with Cheerios. (Children as young as two-years-old really like doing this part.)

Picture 5


When it is as full of Cheerios as you would like it, curve the ends in to form a heart shape and twist in the middle to secure.

Picture 6

Use pieces of string to tie the hearts together in a chain. Hang from a tree, bush, hook- anywhere outside that you think your birds might like to eat. It may take a little while for the birds to find them, but they will be happy chirpers when they do!

Picture 3

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